EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 18

Pride of the Useless

Aired Unknown Aug 10, 2005 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • The X Aliens that are supposed to represent America in the Japan-US game are later known as the NASA Aliens.

    • The name of the Taiyou Sphinx's quarterback, Harao, sounds very similar to the Egyptian word for king, "Pharaoh." In fact, if you just remove the first and last letters of "Pharaoh," you get "Harao."

    • Banba holds the high school record for squats.

    • Kuroki scores a 258 in that punching arcade game.

    • American Football Clinic Trivia Q & A of the episode:

      Q: What does NFL stand for?

      A: National Football League! This is the top pro league in America. Their power and speed are the best in the world! YA-HA!

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  • Notes

    • The whole rigorous selection progress to see who represents Japan in the game against America was completely fixed. The company behind it all, "Monthly American Football," decided on the Taiyou Sphinx from the start.

    • This episode features the first appearances of three of the Taiyou Sphinx's best players: Banba Mamoru (lineman), Harao Kiminari (quarterback), and Kasamatsu Niinobu (lineman).

    • The Devil Bats renovate their clubhouse.

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