EyeShield 21

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 06, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • Sena is a new high school student that is always the aim of bullies and is used as their gopher a number of times. When Sena gets into High School his whole world changes as he is drafted by Hiruma Youichi into the Deimon Devil Bat's Football Club.

    This show has a great story line. the characters are great and have so much character to them. The author really goes into detail about the actual football play and you get to see how the characters grow and get better as time progresses. You follow the characters journey to their goal of: The Christmas Bowl. As they go along you are introduced to many new characters and teams. These people all have deep personalities and traits of their own. You really get to know the characters. One of the good things is that you also get to learn about the sport of American Football as it is portrayed accurately in this show. The author didn't cut any corneers on this. Its a great show thats funny and interesting. :D