EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 24

Shock! The Decisive Japan-US Game

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 2005 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The Deimon Devil Bats are playing against the Nasa Aliens. The Nasa Aliens get a jump in the game against the Devil Bats with their very long pass the Shuttle Pass. Allowing them to score two touchdowns. But Sena finds a weakness in the Shuttle Pass allowing the Devil Bats back into the game with a touchdown. But with this the Nasa Aliens are determined not to give the Devil Bats any time to regroup the Devil Bats are forced on the defense quickly with a trick from Hiruma the Devil Bats are able to blitz the quarterback causing a hand over of the football to the Devil Bats. Hiruma tells the Huh Huh Brothers to protect Sena while he runs the ball towards the End Zone.

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