EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 14

The Blazing Tower of Hell

Aired Unknown Jul 06, 2005 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • The name of the blond guy who cheated during the Hell Tower test is Miyake.

    • Sena almost revealed that he was Eyeshield to Yukimitsu.

    • American Football Clinic Trivia Q & A of the episode:

      Q: What does the secretary do?

      A: He's responsible for running the team! He supports the players and decides where the games will be held. Got it? YA-HA!

    • The WTF trio are first seen in their school uniforms. Later, when they go to the Tokyo Tower, they are wearing their football uniforms.

  • Quotes

    • Mamori: Go on. Ask something, Sena.
      Sena: What...what...do you...like to eat?
      (Everyone except Sena, Yukimitsu and Hiruma faint)
      Hiruma: (taking his shotgun) You stupid shrimp! How dare you ask such a stupid question!
      (Mamori manages to push Hiruma away)

  • Notes

    • Trials of the Hell Tower:

      First Trial - The Watchdog of Hell. Hiruma lets his dog, Cerberos, loose.

      Second Trial - Hell's Boiling Pot of Oil. The tower's Grand Observatory has several air conditioners set on hot, practically turning the room into a stove.

      Third Trial - The Guard of Hell. Hiruma shoots bullets filled with dehydrants at people's ice bags, melting all the ice and making the bag explode.

    • Rules of the Hell Tower:

      You must carry a bag of ice up to the Special Observatory of the tower before the ice melts. You can carry as much ice as you want. You pass if you have at least one ice cube left in the bag. If all of your ice melts, then you can go back to the ground level and pick up more ice.

    • Monta develops a friendly rivalry with Sena in this episode.

    • Komusubi considers himself as Kurita's apprentice.

    • In reality, Yukimitsu did not pass the Hell Tower test because all of the ice he carried melted. Hiruma secretly placed an ice cube and said that Yukimitsu passed.

    • New Ending Theme Song: "Blaze Away" by TRAX

    • In spite of being very quiet, Komusubi speaks "the language of tough men." Oddly enough, everyone seems to be able to understand him, even Mamori.

    • The WTF Trio are finally named. The one with the glasses is Togano Shouzou, the dark haired one is Kuroki Kouji, and the last one is Juumonji Kazuki.

    • First appearance of new players Komusubi Daikichi (lineman) and Yukimitsu Manabu (offense, end or back).

  • Allusions

    • The manga that Touganou reads in this episode is "Jump Comics," which is a popular Japanese comic series.