EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 35

The Solitary Death March

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • If you (for whatever weird reason) don't have respect for Sena and/or Yukimitsu by this point, you will after this episode.

    I have to say, the Death March is scary way to train, but it seems to be working for the team. When you consider that Yukimitsu has studied all his life, I feel like Hiruma doesn't give him enough credit for having made it as far as he has. It's sad to watch Yukimitsu start to falter and fall behind everyone else, especially when he keeps getting up again. Of course, getting up again is what makes me so proud of him! His reason he tells Sena for wanting to be part of the team is also touching.

    This episode is also good for showing that Sena really cares about his teammates. When Yukimitsu falls down and finally doesn't get up, Hiruma makes everyone keep going. At first Sena goes, which made me shout "Lame! Shame on you Sena!", but then he stops and goes back to help Yukimitsu. I am always very inspired by scenes of loyalty, and so watching small, little Sena pick his friend up on his back *and* still continue to do his own exercise was heart-wrenchingly touching. It made me so proud of Sena.

    When Yukimitsu wakes up and realizes Sena is helping him, he tears up and thanks him. Of course, what makes me proud of him is the fact that he didn't just continue from that spot. No, he started walking back the way they came, telling Sena that he was go back and start from where he fell. I wanted to give that guy a bear hug.

    This was, no, *is* an inspiring episode of Eyeshield 21. It is definately a favorite.