EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 30

To the Boundary of Hell

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 2005 on TV Tokyo



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    • American Football Clinic Trivia Q & A of the episode:

      Q: What does the offensive line do?

      A: They become a protective wall for the quarterback and running back on offense. Swat down your enemies with your power! YA-HA!

    • Deimon High's policy is there are no extracurricular activities, like sports or clubs for 3rd year students. This explains Hiruma and Kurita's drive to win the Christmas Bowl this year.

    • At the start of the episode, Juumonji witnesses Sena running away from Ceroberos, and deduces that Sena is Eyeshield 21

    • Doburoku-sensei mentions Musashi, a friend of Kurita and Hiruma's. He was the place-kicker for the team, til he left for personal reasons.

    • The rest of the Devil Bats team members (except Mamori) learn that Sena is Eyeshield 21.

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