EyeShield 21

Season 1 Episode 15

Where is Eyeshield?

Aired Unknown Jul 13, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Where is Eyeshield?
Realizing that Sena's stamina for running is under-developed, Hiruma developes an amusing way to help him work on it. Meanwhile, Mamori begins to suspect that Sena is really Eyeshield-21 and sets out to prove it.
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  • A good episode overall that picks up towards the end. Some spoilers.

    Episode 15 touched upon the "secret identity" aspect of Eyeshield 21.

    While initially a decent running joke, I found Mamori's part in it (the Lois Lane role if you will) to grow tiring rather quickly. It serves as a reasonable counterpoint to characters like Monta and Shin who aren't fooled for an instant. But even then, after the first few iterations, I want them to move on to the football and not "how are we going to fool Mamori this time."

    This episode actually felt like it was dragging towards the end right up to the point where Rui kidnapped Mamori. The moment when Hiruma pulls his Sparticus manuever was the turning point and provided the big payoff.

    Hiruma remains my favorite character with his unorthodox training methods. It seems like it would be a fine line between manipulation and sadism, but Hiruma manages to stay right on the edge without going over.

    Overall, this episode works as it allows them (hopefully) to put the secret identity gag on the back burner for a while and go back to concentrating on putting their team of misfits together.moreless

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    • Epilogue of the episode:

      Mamori now has Eyeshield 21's contact info, but she still gets the feeling that she's forgetting someone. The scene then cuts to Ishimaru, who sneezes as he is still outside trying to find Eyeshield.

    • The insert song that played during the scene where Eyeshield 21 takes on the Zokugaku punks to save Mamori is called "Be Survivor" by ZZ.

    • Hiruma organizes a gigantic game of tag to help Sena with his stamina, with Sena at "It". He enlists both the Deimon High student body and the Zokugaku football team to chase Sena around town.


    • During the epilogue, Mamori feels that she is still forgetting someone, and then Ishimaru sneezes. It is believed that you sneeze when someone talks (usually bad) about you behind your back.

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