F Troop

Season 2 Episode 28

Carpetbagging, Anyone?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 1967 on ABC



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    • Big Jim Parker: Things have changed, haven't they? Hmm? Last night, you were a couple of brave braves and today you're just a couple of cowards.
      Wild Eagle: Nothing changed. Last night we cowards. We cowards today. Tomorrow we cowards.
      Crazy Cat: You name it, we cowards!

    • Dobbs: Hey, Sarge, I got an idea. Why don't we have Agarn serenade him with that saxophone of his. That'd drive anybody out of town.
      Agarn: You're asking for it, Dobbs!

    • O'Rourke: There's a lot of them carpetbaggers around buying up towns these days.
      Agarn: No kiddin', Sarge?
      O'Rourke: Yeah, just last week there was some guy trying to sell me a town, but I was too smart for him.
      Agarn: Where was it?
      O'Rourke: Some place out in Nevada called "Las Vegas."
      Agarn: They gotta get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart you, Sarge.

    • Agarn: Sir, I don't think there's any doubt but that the leader of the band should have an instrument that plays lovely, melodious tones.
      Dobbs: Too bad you can't find an instrument like that, Agarn.
      Agarn: I'm warning you, Dobbs!
      Dobbs: Cap'n, I think that the leader of the band should play the bugle because it's more military.
      Agarn: Your bugle is military only because with your lips, it becomes a deadly weapon.
      Dobbs: I'm warning you, Agarn!

  • Notes

    • Larry Storch is an avid saxophone player and got to play (or at least carry) a sax in character in this episode.

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