F Troop

Season 1 Episode 29

Indian Fever

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

At night, an indian peeks into O'Rourke's and Agarn's quarters and slips away before Agarn wakes up. After getting his hand caught in the window and waking up O'Rourke, he says he saw an indian looking in the window for the last two nights. O'Rourke tells him to go back to sleep. But when he does, he wkes up again and sees the indian in the window. He screams and wakes up everyone in the fort. When the captain hears they haven't found the indian, everyone goes back to bed.

The next day, Agarn and O'Rourke are going to the captain's headquarters when Dobbs makes an indian sound and scares Agarn, who breaks his buggle in half. The captain says that Agarn might be suffering from indian fever, which causes someone to see indians. After fidning out he will be reassigned to another fort if it doesn't stop, Agarn promises not to see any more indians, and sees one looking in the window. They run outside and the indian is gone. Agarn goes to get some water before going to bed, but sees the indian in the bucket of the well. When the captain says he has to reassign Agarn, O'Rourke says he should spend the week at the Hekawi camp to help him relax.

When they get there, Crazy Cat is practicing a speech he wrote for Wild Eagle's funeral, even though he is not dead. Wild Eagle says Agarn can stay at the camp. But Agarn sees the indian again. After describing the indian, Crazy Cat says that he is describing an Apache scout, who they heard was in the area. Wild Eagle says the Apache chief, Mean Buffalo, may go on a war path, and a smoke signal saying the Hekawi tribe is being drafted into an indian army proves it. So Wild Eagle says he will try to get Mean Buffalo to come to the fort to sign a treaty. Agarn and O'Rourke go back to the fort and the Captain has Jane prepare a dinner for the Apaches.

Back at the Hekawi camp, Wild Eagle got Chief Mean Buffalo to go to the fort for the treaty. But Mean Buffalo doesn't want to look like a savage during the talk, so Wild Eagle says to do whatever the soldiers do. Back at the fort, the captain doesn't want to embarrass the Apaches, so they decide to follow the Apache's lead.

Mean Buffalo arrives and when the captain goes to greet him, he trips over a loose floor board, so Mean Buffalo gets on his knees, and everyone else does also. After a brief talk, they sit down for dinner. But the captain drops a fork on the floor, so Mean Buffalo throws his silverware on the floor and everyone else does. So they deide to eat on the floor. When Mean Buffalo says he doesn't eat this way, O'Rourke says that he was probably following their lead. Mean Buffalo is happy to know that the soldiers would try to follow his tribe's customs to make him feel welcome, and agrees to sign the treaty. Everyone then sits down for dinner.

The next day, Agarn says that he didn't see any indians in the window. He goes to the well for some water and sees an indian girl in the bucket. He lets go of the handle and the bucket goes back down in the well. He tells O'Rourke and when he cranks up the bucket, the captain is sitting in the bucket. He fell in trying to get his hat out of the well. Agarn asks if he say an indian girl and the captain thinks Agarn has indian fever again. Agarn lets go of the handle and the the captain falls in again. The episode ends with Agarn and O'Rourke pulling the bucket up again to get the captain out of the well.

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