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  • Dances With Wolves, Decades Ahead Of Itself

    The hero is promoted and sent west to command a lonely outpost because of a misunderstood 'cavalry charge'; he falls in love with the only white woman for 1000 miles; he befriends the local tribes-but what the heck, it's still great fun! Anything that gives Edward Everett Horton a job is okay by me.
  • I grew up on episodes of FTroop so I'm probably looking at it through rose coloured glasses

    Like many Aussie kids in the 70's F Troop was a staple diet. Yes it's probably tame and corn ball by current standards but I still have very fond memories of it. O'Rourke's dubous dealings with the indians Wild Eagle and Crazy Cat, seeing the short sighted Vanderbilts watch tower getting knocked to the ground each day by the firing of the cannon, the oblivious and shy captain Parmenter and of course Larry Storch as Corporal Agarn providing the perfect comedy foil for Sargent O'Rourke. It all brings back memories of a time of greater innocence and simplicity.

    Can't wait until the DVDs are released in Australia
  • F Troop is one the best TV shows of the sixites.

    I am turning forty-seven years old and I own F Troop season one. I am looking forward to season two available on DVD this coming Tuesday May 29, 2007. Every time I watch this show it takes me back to my childhood days when things were simpler and life to me was more enjoyable. Back then they had quality TV shows that the entire could sit down and watch without fear of embarrassment, or sending the kids into the other room. It is a shame they cancelled the show after two seasons. I feel it had potential to last one or two seasons more. Even though the humor in the show by today’s standards maybe politically incorrect, the show has endured the test of time, and newer fans are discovering this timeless comedy.
  • Gilligan's Island meets the Wild West. F Troop is rarely seen now days because of the PC Police, but the White men are actually more incompetent than their friendly Indians counterparts, the Hakawi ("We lovers, not fighters.") Indians.

    F Troop is a show I never saw as a kid but seeing it as an adult brought back my childhood. In the same vein as Gilligan's Island, Get Smart, and other slapstick parodies, F Troop is the best slapstick parody of westerns ever seen. THe Sergeant has a secret alliance with the Hakawi Indians to make moonshine for his illegally owned bar while Captain Parmeter befuddles his way through various western troubles. The best gun on the base actually belongs to a lovely cowgirl who runs the post office and is constantly chasing after the seemingly oblivious Captain.

    F Troop is good clean fun. While the PC Police may criticize it for a "negative" portrayal of Indians, any honest person can see that the entire cast and crew are lovable bafoons. White people do not come off looking any better than the Indians and I am told that there are a number of Indian reservations today that simply love the show, so ignore the PC Police. This is a classic.
  • F Troop is the best TV series I have watched yet. It was a pioneer in the field of TV comedy. It is clean, decent, and very, Very Funny. I recomend this series to anyone who wants a good laugh.

    F Troop is the best TV series I have watched yet. It was a pioneer in the field of TV comedy. It is clean, decent, and very, Very Funny. Every time I watch it, it makes me laugh. The portrayal of the indians is wonderfully funny, even though it is not historically accurate, but that is what makes it soo funny. Today's TV show writers could learn a lot from this show - The biggest thing they could learn, is how to make a great show that dosen't contain filthy language or indecency. Today's current shows are nothing in comparison to this show.
    I recomend this series to anyone who wants a good laugh.
  • FTroop lives on!!! The black & white episodes are quintessential & nostalgic. I am only 38 but they keep my childhood going. A better simpler time in my life. Loved Jane!!!what can I say...JANE was HOT...HOT...HOT!!!

    Ftroop...great clean comedy. entertaining & kept me very amused as a young child watching the re-runs. Agarn killed me & the Italian that actually played the Chief of the Hacowies...what a job. If it wer today, the Native Americans or the ACLU would be screaming. Ftroop symbolizes a time in my life where nothing but TV & TIN TV dinners for lunch mattered. The canon shooting the lookout tower & waiting for the misfire...funny, funny, funny!

    You can\\\'t find comedy today like you could. Ftroop, the Andy Griffith show, the Addams family, the Munsters...classics all in all!! Classical & awesome. I wish they still played them all the time for my son\\\'s to enjoy as I did growing up
  • A misfit Calvary troop in the old west. A sergeant and corporal who run a souvenir business in a partnership with the local Indians, the Hekawis.

    I loved this off beat comedy back in the 60\'s and was disappointed when it was cancelled. It was entertaining and simple. The comic timing of all the actors was great. Nothing can top Ken Berry, Larry Storch or Forest Tucker. They were greatly under appreciated. Too bad they were cancelled to make room for The Flying Nun.

    Do you remember how they got their name? They wandered they west and when they came to a cliff, the chief asked, “Where the heck are we?”
  • A funny show for its time.

    I watched this show when I was a kid, and I loved it. It was really funny. Captain Wilton Parmenter was clumsy and inept, but very sweet. Sergeant O'Rourke was always schemeing, and Corporal Agarn, his sidekick, always went along for the ride. The Indians had some of the best lines. Remember how the Hekawi tribe got its name? They were looking for a place to settle. When they came to this beautiful place they stopped, and the Chief said, "Where the heck are we?" Most of the comedies of the 1960's wouldn't do well if shown today. They're kind of corny. But for good memories, F Troop is one of the best.

  • F Troop is the show I grew up with. Living in rural Australia we only received 2 tv stations and they started at 4 in the afternoon, F Troop was broadcast at 6pm each night and it was the one show I looked forward to.

    What a show! F Troop probably wouldn't be allowed to air in today's politically correct times. But growing up as a kid it was all you wanted with cowboys and indians and the indians didn't really come off second best,( as Chief Wild Eagle says "hekawis are lovers not fighters.)
    The actors were perfectly cast with the main characters - all playing their roles to the hilt and backed up by great minor roles and occasional guest appearances by other well known actors. On that note, does anyone remember the episodes featuring Vincent Price and Paul Lynd? They were my favourite episodes but couldn't find them featured in the episode index.
    Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting the release of F Troop on DVD down under here in Australia.
  • Do you know the words to the theme song?

    This is one of those classic shows with a classic theme song. I can remember sitting at a party as an adult and every one trying to remember the words to the theme song. The show as I remember it when I was a kid was funny and I loved it, never missed the reruns in the mid afternoon. It was entertaining for it's time. I'm not so sure it could make it through 3 or 4 episodes on today's primetime schedules. I do think F-Troop is a show that we won't ever forget. I think everybody watched it at one point or another.