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ABC (ended 1967)





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  • Gilligan's Island meets the Wild West. F Troop is rarely seen now days because of the PC Police, but the White men are actually more incompetent than their friendly Indians counterparts, the Hakawi ("We lovers, not fighters.") Indians.

    F Troop is a show I never saw as a kid but seeing it as an adult brought back my childhood. In the same vein as Gilligan's Island, Get Smart, and other slapstick parodies, F Troop is the best slapstick parody of westerns ever seen. THe Sergeant has a secret alliance with the Hakawi Indians to make moonshine for his illegally owned bar while Captain Parmeter befuddles his way through various western troubles. The best gun on the base actually belongs to a lovely cowgirl who runs the post office and is constantly chasing after the seemingly oblivious Captain.

    F Troop is good clean fun. While the PC Police may criticize it for a "negative" portrayal of Indians, any honest person can see that the entire cast and crew are lovable bafoons. White people do not come off looking any better than the Indians and I am told that there are a number of Indian reservations today that simply love the show, so ignore the PC Police. This is a classic.
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