F Troop

Season 2 Episode 17

The Loco Brothers

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 29, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Wrangler Jane winds up wearing Corporal Agarn's trooper uniform for no reason. She donated her dress to Agarn so he could bait the Loco brothers into capture. But Jane rode into and out of the scene in her own "cowboy" clothes while fetching her dress back at the store.

      Jane unneccessarily dons corporal Agairn's trooper clothes because she also has her cowboy " buckskin duds "with her after she donates her dress she retrieved from her store/house. She never had the need to dress feminine in this episode because she was horse riding all the time in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Agarn:(about the Loco Brothers) Sarge, you think we could smoke them out?
      O'Rourke: How?
      Agarn: With smoke!
      O'Rourke: What, and start a fire that might get out of control?!
      Agarn: Sarge, you know what your trouble is? You're a perfectionist.

    • Agarn: I say we ride back to the fort, get the cannon, set it up outside the cave and fire at point blank inside the cave.
      O'Rourke: Agarn, the captain is inside the cave.
      Agarn: Well I can't think of everything.

    • (Agarn was following cow tracks instead of horse tracks)
      O'Rourke: I should have followed my instincts and had someone else ride up front with me.
      Agarn: Who?
      O'Rourke: Vanderbilt.

    • Agarn: Sarge, do you realize its eight of us against two of them?
      O'Rourke: So?
      Agarn: Well don't you think we should send for reinforcements?

    • (Vanderbilt whistles at Jane)
      Duffy: You can't even see her, Vanderbilt!

    • Crazy Cat: If me chief...
      Wild Eagle: You give me "if me chief" one more time, you wind up with sixty second scalp treatment.

    • (The Loco Brothers took Parmenter)
      O'Rourke: The way I figure it, they took him for ransom. So we'll sit tight and wait for a ransom note. We just gotta worry about two things. The first is they don't harm him.
      Dobbs: What's the second thing?
      O'Rourke: That they know how to write.

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