F Troop

Season 1 Episode 21

The New I.G.

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1966 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • (All of F Troop puts their hands up when they find out all their guns are toys)
      Wild Eagle: Hekawis win battle!!!
      O'Rourke: Alright men, put your hands down.
      Wild Eagle: Keep your hands up! Want to show off to neighbors.

    • Capt. Parmenter: But, Major, shouldn't our first objective be to capture the rifles?
      Major Winster: Never! Always remember, Captain, that a rifle is of no use without a trigger finger.
      Capt. Parmenter: But on the other hand, a triggerless finger is no better than a fingerless gun.
      Agarn: Which is somewhat like having a fingerless finger and a hairless head.

    • Crazy Cat: There's wise, old Indian saying: "You show me raccoon with nose in mud, and I show you squirrel with nut in tree."
      Wild Eagle: What does that mean?
      Crazy Cat: If I knew that, I'd be chief.
      Wild Eagle: Squirrel may have nut in tree, but I think I got nut in tribe.

    • O'Rourke: Captain, you just can't let him attack our friends, the Hekawis. It would be wholesale slaughter.
      Agarn: And retail, too.

    • Major Winster: Did either of you see a crateful of guns in that teepee?
      O'Rourke: No, sir, I can't honestly say that I saw any guns.
      Agarn: I was looking right at 'em and I didn't see 'em.

    • Wild Eagle: We have 24 guns in crate and we will have another 24 guns by time frost is on pumpkin.
      Agarn: When is a frost on pumpkin?
      Wild Eagle: Before beaver starts building dam.
      O'Rourke: When is that?
      Wild Eagle: Day after goose fly south.
      Agarn: Couldn't you be a little more specific, Chief?
      Wild Eagle: How about Thursday?

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode when Crazy Cat shows he's bucking to become chief of the Hekawi, a running gag from this point on.

  • Allusions

    • The man who warns Wild Eagle about building a fire too big is named "Smokey Bear," referring to the longtime mascot of the US Forest Service who warns about forest fire prevention.

    • Major Chester Winster and his gun, the Ches Winster 76, are a play on the famous Winchester rifle, manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.