F Troop

Season 2 Episode 6

The West Goes Ghost

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1966 on ABC



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    • (looking around the ghost town) Vanderbilt: Looks good to me! O'Rourke: There's a man with vision! Agarn: Yeah, 20/900 in each eye!

    • O'Rourke: Janie, nobody believes that old wives' tale.
      Wrangler Jane: Maybe so, but a lot of folks in these towns have heard ghostly screams and ghostly shots and have seen the ghost of Black Jack Crawford riding through the town at night on the ghost of his grey horse, carrying a girl in a bridal gown who's the ghost of Maude Fletcher.
      Agarn: Now that's what I call a ghost town!

    • Capt. Parmenter: Just because you've left the service doesn't mean you're not welcome to come back and visit your old buddies. Really, come back anytime. Oh, maybe you can drop by for dinner in the mess hall.
      Agarn: We'd love that, sir. But do we have to eat?

    • Dobbs: (after Parmenter orders a cannon salute for their farewell) There goes the lookout tower again.
      Agarn: Never mind the lookout tower. If they hit us, we don't even get a military funeral.

    • O'Rourke: I'm surprised at you, Wild Eagle. Why, I had no idea you believed in that kind of stuff.
      Wild Eagle: If we believe in Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky, how tough is it to believe in ghosts?

    • (O'Roarke leaves after Wild Eagle won't give him credit because it's a ghost town)
      Crazy Cat: You know, Chief, me never know you believe in ghosts.
      Wild Eagle: Me not believe in ghosts. But me not believe in giving credit, either.

    • O'Rourke: (after Agarn is startled) That was your horse whinnying.
      Agarn: How do we know Black Jack Crawford's horse ain't a ventriloquist?!?

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  • Allusions

    • The episode title is a take-off on the title of the 1935 movie "The Ghost Goes West," in which a Scottish ghost falls in love with an American.