F³: Frantic, Frustrated & Female



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  • Season 1
    • Part 3
      Part 3
      Episode 3
      She's still Frantic, Frustrated and Female, but now she's literally burning up with desire! If you thought the first two F3 episodes were wild, you won't believe what happens when a very male demon takes up residence in cute and cuddly Hiroe Ogawa's luscious female body, let alone what happens when the other girls try to get rid of the lustful spirit. When Hiroe grows something that's not normally seen on a girl's body, Mayaka and company realize that they're going to have to call in a professional to get the Hell out of her. The problem is, the "professional" they hire turns out to have some strange kinks of her own!moreless
    • Part 2
      Part 2
      Episode 2
      The Girl Who "Couldn't" Is Back! It's a good thing lusty young Hiroe Ogawa's got a great set of lungs, because when she meets a similarly endowed young lady at the local pool it's Hiroe who goes down for some serious white water action! Talk about fast operators! Poor Hiroe's barely had time to catch her breath when her new friend invites herself over to Hiroe's house to play... and brings another pair of cuddly playmates along for the ride! Of course, Hiroe's nothing if not a willing hostess, but how does one girl entertain three very demanding guests all by herself? Hiroe and her friends are well into writing a book on the subject when their four-play is interrupted by the entrance of Hiroe's ever-helpful sister, Mayaka, and the impromptu pajama party quickly degenerates into a five girl pile up! You won't believe what you're seeing when Hiroe and company set out to prove that nothing is too improbable when enough determined young women put their minds and bodies to the task!moreless
    • Part 1
      Part 1
      Episode 1
      She's FRANTIC, she's FRUSTRATED and she's FEMALE. That's F3 for short, but to Hiroe Ogawa it's just a pain in the rear! Now our intrepid Hiroe's bound and determined to get rid of two of her three "F"s in the wildest sex comedy ever animated! In what may be the ultimate "feel good" movie, Hiroe plunges bravely forward, again and again, putting out everything she has in her desperate bid to come clean! She'll stay up the entire night if she has to (it's just too bad her boyfriend can't do the same) and if she has to beat her brains out doing it, then that's a sacrifice Hiroe's willing to make! No helping hands are refused, even when they belong to the local mad scientist and his unbelievable inventions! Our Hiroe may have to take quite a licking before she reaches her ultimate goal, but rest assured that she'll finally get what she wants in the end! The shocking bare facts of one young woman's quest to find a solution for a problem she can't even discuss in polite company are exposed as never before.moreless