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Fabulous Life of

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Take a fast-paced, first class joy ride of lavish living, as we check out the fortune building careers and businesses of the extremely rich and famous.and the incredible indulgences that come with it. From their lifestyles filled with non-stop VIP treatment, endless entourages and $1000 dollar face cremes, to fleets of cars, massive estates and multi-million dollar wardrobes. A lighthearted blend of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and the Forbes 400 list, each episode focuses on one particular person or subject. Weaving expert interviews, investigative field segments and voyeuristic footage, the series gives an extraordinary glimpse into what we call, The Fabulous Life.. Here is a list of some of the celebrities that have appeared on Fabulous Life of: Britney Spears Jennifer Lopez Hugh Hefner Arnold Schwarzenegger David Beckham P.Diddy Lil' Kim Justin Timberlake Christina Aguilera Cameron Diaz Donald Trump Pamela Anderson Mel Gibson Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen Missy Elliot Simon Cowell Angelina Jolie OutKast Usher Oprah Michael Jackson Tom Cruise Nellymoreless

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AIRED ON 10/16/2008

Season 6 : Episode 8

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  • WOW! How celebritys waste money.

  • Either love it or hate it.

    I enjoy watching this show because I like to know that if these people can achieve such success, I can too. I also enjoy watching this show because it is interesting to see how celebrities and wealthy people spend their money...who is a wise spender and who isn't. Some of the splurges are insane! Wow, this person has a different car for everyday! Wow, this person bought their own island...

    WARNING: Don't watch this show if you have low self esteem. It only makes you feel worse about yourself and your life. You will fall into depression if you do not have a positive mindset watching this.moreless
  • I like the show

    I think it sums up all the celebrity gossip you have missed in a week or so. Sometimes when you don't get the chance to read or listen to celebrity gossip you can get the chance frmo this show. It keeps you updated with the celebrities and there lives. I would give this show a good rating because there aren't many shows on television that give you the celebrity gossip daily. You can basically depend on this show if you just want to relax and listen to some hollywood news. Watch "The Fabulous Life Of.." if you love listening about celebrities, I wouldn't advice it to someone who doesn't like gossip.moreless
  • i dont like to admit i keep up on celebrity gossip, but this show helps quite alot.

    as much as we try to hide it, celebrtiy gossip eventually entwines us all at one point or another. who are they dating now? how many cars do they have?? what kind of surgery will they get next? what hotel room didi they trash now? just how much can we hate them for how well off they are? Fabulous Life Of solves al of these questions, and more. and may i add, that the commentary some of the people make makes it even more worth the while. they add alot of humor to the show, which makes it even better to watch when you need a laugh.moreless
  • Well this show makes me think how self centered celebrities are in real life.

    It makes me feel really low that people are so self centered that they would spend money on things they dont need and are just willing to show off. especailly celebrities you hate and it makes you hate them even more. but in some cases they are more giving to people because they dont need it.

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