Face Is Familiar

CBS (ended 1966)


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Face Is Familiar

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The Face Is Familiar was a summer fill-in series for CBS which pitted two teams, each of a celebrity and a contestant in identifying the faces of famous people from scrambled pictures.

Questions are asked, and in the first go the celebrities ring in. (Subsequent questions are rotated between celebrity and civilian). Whoever answers first is shown one of seven slides out of its regular position. The team may make a guess as to the famous face. If all seven slides are opened and nobody has made a correct guess, the last correctly answering team may move two slides in hopes of making the face more identifiable. Whoever correctly guesses the face wins the game and $200.

That team plays an end game where they must identify famous people from their eyes, nose and lips. Correct guesses win $50; getting all three correct wins $500.

Jack Clark hosted the unaired pilot; Jack Whitaker took over when the show made it to the air. This was Bob Stewart's first prime time effort after leaving Goodson-Todman.