Face Off

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Jan 26, 2011 Returning Returns 2018





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  • Love the a few of my "notes"

    I have watched every season of Face Off, and oddly, must say Season One had the best contestants. Sometimes I wish they would 1. upgrade the qualifications to be on the show and 2. Give them more time. I'd rather see an amazing make-up, full character, than a rushed half thought out job. I agree the introductions are annoying after all this time, but hey, I realize they are necessary, not everyone has been watching for 9 seasons. After watching this seasons semi-final, I'm disappointed with the finalists. Choosing the last finalist based on a 1 hr revision robbed the guy who should have won, based on a entire season of beautiful, camera ready, thoughtful, finished creations, but I'm not worried, Scott will go on to do great things! Anyone remember who won Adam Lambert's season of American Idol? Still a fan... hope they take in my "notes".
  • Face Off beats all competition

    One of the best competition shows there is. It could use some revamping after 9 seasons, but it's still pure imaginative fun! And there's little to no side drama (ie catfights and crap). The one complain I have is McKenzie, oh god she's so annoying. Can we get Lisa Marie instead, at least as more credentials than McKenzie, not many but still more
  • Decent show but...

    I have been a fan on and off since season one. Its very interesting to see how the artist pull everything together.

    BUT after so many seasons they really need to change the format it's starting to get really stale at times I fast forward through most of the show just to see the end.

    One big issue I have is with the judge introductions. If I have to hear " Glen is owner of optic never studios" one more may shoot myself.
  • One of the only shows I watch

    I've been following this show since the first season. It's one of only two shows on TV that I make time for. I love the judges. I also like that though it's a reality show and a contest that the contestants all treat each other with respect, teach and help each other (when it's not crunch time!). It's nice to see friendly, good-spirited competition.
  • costumes as well?

    was just wondering if the contestants get any help off camera with the amazing costumes, not the makeup and prstetics, but the actual clothes too, or is it all them in the time allowed?
  • Waiting for the New Season

    An awesome show, especially at the end at the elimination.
  • Fun!

    If you want to have a good time watching a reality show which, is so very rare these days, check out Face Off!
  • Great ,Amazing

    Great Reality Shows The talent

    And Know how special effects are created

    I love this show