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  • I want Bob back. I don't like John Dickerson

    I miss Bob - I don't watch it anymore because John Dickerson is too bias. Truthfully I don't watch CBS news anymore for the same reason. I voted for Trump and there were times I wanted to put tape over his mouth and there are still times I want to put tape over his mouth but give the man a chance. He's certainly not a smooth talker but look what smooth talking got us into.

    Dixie Lee Eubank
  • No more

    I will not watch this show any longer. Instead of listening, there are constant interruptions. We don't care what you think. You are only a news person there to get information from each one you interview. Going from a show that only shows good and valuable information (the Sunday Morning Show) to you makes our stomachs turn upside down. Please CBS.... get someone else on Face the Nation.
  • Neutral Media ??

    Can FACE THE NATION be a little more neutral and less anti-Trump. This kind of reporting only throws more wood into the fire. Give Mr. Trump a chance to leed, President Obama agreed to this, why can't the mass media. Let's be true Americans and have a little faith in our system. America wanted an outsider and a non-political figure, we got him. Let's wait until he does something wrong before the prosecution begins, fellow Americans, let's not pay attention to the instigators behind the headlines.
  • hello how are you doing i am jeffrey scott berry

    this show isn't really as good as a cinematic movie, I rate this a low ten.
  • George Bush Iraq war

    You need to check George Bush's statements about the Iraq war. There was a report and video on the evening news of George Bush admitting he knew all along there were no WMD'S in Iraq and lied because he wanted approval to go to war! I do not like Trump, but he was right on this. I hope you have the decency to check this and admit your mistake! We have watched this show for years and always felt you knew what you were talking about. Not so much anymore!
  • the switchers

    I don't believe you will share this on your tv show because you are all one sided and think you are turning the people your way witch I believe you are going to find nobody believe you anymore, you need to be equal across the board. any way have any of you taken a poll of demarcates that are going to vote for trump they need to know they have to switch partys in order for vote to count. I live in Oregon every one is demarcrat and 2 people out of 40 people I talk to are voteing for trump put that on your show. if you think he doesn't have a chance like you have been saying, lets see if it makes a ripple in your party,,or your job they might just fire you. we the oeople what a joke you are on a string and we can see it raped around your throat. you will see a diference when trump gets in office and it will be for the good if the oeioke and we will fell safe agen. Vickie foster
  • Help please

    I remember a tv show was about an expert go to broke or poor people and give them a financial plan to save their money and reduce cost? what was the name of the TV show ? any idea? can anybody give a tv show with similar idea?
  • Face the Nation Show.

    This is a news interview program which airs every Sunday morning live from the CBS Studio in the nations capital. It is dedicated to interviewing newsmakers such as government leaders, politicians, celebrities and international figures on the latest issues.
  • Why Vote!

    Why don't voters vote? It is due to lousy Politics and Politicans. The present 2 party system has ruined America. Between the Democrats and Repubicians, there is too much money in each party for decent people to run for office. They can't afford to run unless thay align themselves with being a Dem or Rep. The 2 party system puts up the candidates for the voters to vote on. The 2 party system has too much power and way too much money backing their candidates. Then you ask... why people do not vote. We can do anything about it. It a farce to say the voters have the power. What power, the power of a vpte, for who? Again, each party put their candidate up for the people to vote for.
  • no more

    I will not be watching your show any more your true colors are coming out I have watch for many years its time for those who got voted in to work for all people this vote this years was the worst turn out since early 40 so good bye

  • Climate change is what the climate constantly does

    Of course we have climate change - the climate is constantly changing - always has - always will - this is not rocket science people - the guy that was commenting this morning on climate change was more interested in getting in his obviously 0bama scripted shot at calling Putin a dictator than climate change - climate change is fact - global warming and the idiot and traitor john kerry is the hoax - Bob - please stop drooling every time you say 0bama's name - it's very unbecoming.
  • bob pull your head out

    Jay Carney admitted tonight in an interview with Bret Baier on Special Report that the sequester idea was put forward by the president's team.


    Please take and few minutes to click on this You Tube video and update yourself on the type of maniacs we are looking at supporting in Syria - if you vote to support Obama's attack!


    We need to back out of this mess ... PLEASE VOTE AGAINST OBAMA APPROVING AN ATTACK -

    Thank you,
  • Ep Guide Looks Great

    The guide looks great now! Thanks.
  • Presidential Candidate Interviews

    I watch your program every Sunday and am appalled that you, and it seems everyone else except his supporters, manage to ignore Ron Paul, as a viable candidate for the presidency. Please take the time to interview him the way you did today with the front leader, which was very good, I must say. However, less government is what we need now, not being able to print money to get us out of our fiscal fix is absolutely necessary and getting back to the constitutional way of government is really important to us all, more than we know! And Ron Paul has advocated this, and many other necessary changes, all along. Yours is a very iinformative program and needs to be unbiased on this issue. I hope your agenda already includes an interview with Ron Paul.