Bay Area Hysteria (episode)

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    This episode, during the intro/"screening" process, they 'discover' a high school theatre

    and an "image" of a man in a specific seat; and two of the panelist (including Lanisha a well knownphotographer)

    says it is easy to super-imposethe figment.

    What was COOL - Bill, the LEAD Scientist said: Well, we are already dis-crediting our witness before we head out,

    (an attempt to validate the criticism the show has been given)...

    ALSO: the one segment going to commercial, dis-proved a video that "supposedly" had a "UFO" in

    the background - but was said to be a bug on the lens... so, perhaps they are trying to address

    earlier issues in the series.


    either way, I LOVE this show -

    I like ::: how they can usually dis-prove some

    Other shows, (even on their network) have such hookey clips, or TMZ (for instance) will have a 2 second video

    that is replied - they go OUT and like the Scooby Doo kids, "figure it out"

    my only knock: they always need an answer and almost always find it - they raaarely (but have) said, it is unexplainable.

    [and it is always last]

    I SERIOUSLY wonder if they find it first, then film out of order...

    [see next post/thread]

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