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  • Amateurish!

    I have watched Fact or Faked several times and all I can say is, are you kidding me? They take a video of a reported paranormal case and immediately try to rig some kind of gadget or trick trying to replicate what happened in the video. Like that requires the credentials all the cast members have? I love the paranormal, but this show makes a mockery of it. I don't understand why it's still on the air.
  • fact-or-faked-paranormal-files/

    Guys please cut the background music down 50 to 60%
  • your bird demo

    your show on big foot with the falcon is full of shit as a christmas turkey. that was not a bird. I have looked at thousands of trail camera pictures. the was not a bird
  • Skeptic

    I just saw the show where they went to Florida because the pictures of the girl had a shadow that the woman who took the pictures said it was a guardian. But I can say it is as simple as pictures put on a computer and someone used smudge on like a photo shop program. And then had the pictures printed out. It is so stupid. I think they do things that are maybe real but this one was sooo obvious.
  • Whaley ghost house muck monstet

    I am looking at the Whaley ghost house episode right now and I notice that while you guys and talking to the guy upstairs there is something on the bed it looks to be a man
  • one of the best

  • It's just entertainment, guys...

    Seems like there are some pretty harsh judgments lobbed at this show. I thoroughly enjoy it even though some of the investigations are laughable. A CGI-looking alien walking in the background of news show footage is obviously not going to turn out to be "debris picked up by the wind," why go through the trouble of replicating that scenario? Why not go straight to the guy who made the video in the first place? A wolf-like mystery dog (possibly a "chupacabra") caught on tape is obviously not a miniature horse, so why bring in a miniature horse and make him run around to compare? (Though it was probably just an excuse to squeeze in a "cute animal" moment, no one can resist a cute animal). However, despite these and other ludicrous attempts at debunking footage (though some of the attempts are pretty creative), as I said, I do enjoy the show because I take it for what it is. It's not a serious scientific show, it's just entertainment. Paranormal phenomena is my guilty pleasure, the people on the show are charismatic enough, and I'll watch every last episode of it just to see the kinds of stuff they come across.
  • modern men in black

    i have seen your show and i think your nothing more the men in black, if you tried as hard to prove something to be real then not you may be on to something, i have never seen a bunch of idiots trying so hard to fake a video and disprove it's not real that they do a bad job at it, and what's with the bad music, i would love to see this show prove that it's real then not, what would happen then, just because you can do a video that looks the same don't mean it's fake, the only thing that's fake is the people on this show trying so hard to disprove that something is faked, well sorry modern men in black but you don't foul me, i do watch your show to see if for once you can't debunk a video, now days it's easy to do with all the software and computers anyone can do it, so for once put a way all that and see if it's real then not, can you do that, no i don't think you will, but i can tell you one thing that's fake on this show is the people doing it, and your super bad at it, i see a lot of mistakes that you do it's not funny, like the UFO over the white sheet that was badly done, the real video of that look more real then the one you did, you could see the cut out of that UFO and the sheet, in truth you suck big time nice try, i can see your mistakes and your bad shadowing, you have not yet disprove one that is a fake, well maybe one or two
  • Worst 'investigators' I've ever seen.

    Being a scientist and having watched this show, the "investigators" were the worst I've seen. One thing that really erks me is how they debunk a paranormal video just because they can "replicate" the visual effects of the original video. They conclude that because they can make something similar, the whole thing is therefore a hoax. Just because you can replicate it VISUALLY does not mean the original video is fake (or real), it just means you can make a video that looks similar (even though their "replications" are pretty bad). They also seem like they're acting like they know what they're doing but their inexperience shows.
  • Do We Need the "background" Music?

    I would like to be able to actually watch the team either prove or disprove the files, but your "background" music is so loud I can't hear a thing they are saying. I end up changing the channel because of it. VERY FRUSTRATING!
  • Slick but sloppy

    Defended "Fact or Faked" against its detractors in a couple reviews of individual episodes; now, after becoming more familiar with the show, I'd like to take it all back. Well, nearly all-- still get a kick out of seeing the various video clips they play during their selection process. But as serious researchers? Oy. Hope started to fade when I realized, during the "Beast of Dartmoor" segment, that they were seriously postulating the existence of a lion/boar hybrid. Yes. The love child of a swine and a feline, roaming the moors of England. That would indeed be paranormal, I guess. But the kicker was the "Paulding Lights" episode, where they tried mightily to explain, or at least duplicate, a bright light that appears every night at the end of a dirt road somewhere in the midwest. No dice. Couldn't do it. Case unclosed! Cue the spooky music! Except the case was closed, soon afterwards. Can't blame the "Fact of Faked" crew, I suppose. After all, who but a once-in-a-century scientific genius would think of looking at the Paulding Light through a freaking telescope, where he could plainly see it's just the headlights of cars on a distant freeway??
  • Yet another waste of time show.

    In this show the cast feel like actors pretending to be real people. It makes me wonder if all it takes to be an "expert" in USA is to be really young and good looking. Come on, an expert is someone with decades of experience behind them. But of course, being an American show that would be unacceptable - they must be young, photogenic, and athletic. That is why there is no credibility to this show. This is another show where there is a lot of potential but the execution is terrible. Ditch the cast and replace them with real people and I would consider watching it. As it stands this is another show I will cast on to the dung heap (Chasing Mummies with Zahi "I'm a tosser" Hawass is already there).
  • I love this show...read my review to find out why!!

    I love this show. It is a great concept to find out what has been faked and what is real. We hear about paranormal activities almost daily and I think it is a great idea to prove or disprove the reality of them. The team tries to do this by their experiements which I think are interesting to watch. The situation room is a fun aspect to see how they come across which paranormal story that they will work with. I like how some are discounted right there in the situation room by showing how they were facted right off. No investigation required. I enjoy this show and hope it goes on for a long, long time. I especially like the freshness that Larry brings to the show. He is a great addition to the team.
  • Extremely Frustrating

    This show is extremely frustrating. The team tries to provide rational answers to weird videos but too readily throw out "paranormal" when they fail to find a solution. However they are no where near as bad as the people in ghost hunting shows.

    So far I have only seen the first two episodes but a formuale is apparent - one video debunked and one video left unresolved.

    The way they investigate seems a little odd, asking the authorities if a UFO balloon was launched after doing all the tests? Surely that is the first thing they did hence the exact same UFO balloon used in their tests(ep.2). Also surely they would have driven the car under the fence (ep.1) before risking a right-off by jumping the fence? And why are they always looking for evidence at night? Yes replicate videos taken at night but look for debris and evidence in the daylight when you can see with spooking yourselfs "Did you hear that!" "What was that!" The team are too quick to discard a theory. In ep.1 the UFO lights recreated with a laser are discounted because he couldn't hold the laser steady - ever hear of a tripod? The moving light they shot may well have been two planes moving in opposite directions. Being night there is no frame of reference to know exactly how far away an object is so they could have been Air Force jets 50 or more miles away. Just because they could not explain it does not make it paranormal, just unidentified.

    They really need to add one more member to the team - Ben Radford who will keep the rest of them planted in reality.
  • Guys, gr8 work. Larry, U look like wolverine! Bill, U HAVE 2 have more shirts & ties than an Evangelistic T.V. preacher (cuter and no sweat), Mr. Hansen, Good job, Keep up the good work.;p Girls, too bad I'm jealous, so your lucky enough. Good JOB!!

    My husband and I watch your show weekly, even the reruns! I have the MOST baffeling Paranormal video I've EVER seen. We have also been paranormal investigators a total of 18 yrs between us, Jason's from Alabama, and I'm from PA, but lived in AZ for 3 yrs. How do I get you this video? I'll look it up on youtube and tell you how to find it, 1 or 2 mAY be fake, but there's 2, 1 she's(the ghost, who in the one video you seem to think she had fallen down stairs) 2 places @ once, the other she's there, then in less than 2 secs gone, no movement of fabric, nowhere to hide, We analized these 4 HOURS!PLEASE just give a look see! #1&2 Fans Taryn & Jason Camphil, PA 17011