Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Syfy (ended 2012)


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  • Yet another waste of time show.

    In this show the cast feel like actors pretending to be real people. It makes me wonder if all it takes to be an "expert" in USA is to be really young and good looking. Come on, an expert is someone with decades of experience behind them. But of course, being an American show that would be unacceptable - they must be young, photogenic, and athletic. That is why there is no credibility to this show. This is another show where there is a lot of potential but the execution is terrible. Ditch the cast and replace them with real people and I would consider watching it. As it stands this is another show I will cast on to the dung heap (Chasing Mummies with Zahi "I'm a tosser" Hawass is already there).