Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Syfy (ended 2012)


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  • Slick but sloppy

    Defended "Fact or Faked" against its detractors in a couple reviews of individual episodes; now, after becoming more familiar with the show, I'd like to take it all back. Well, nearly all-- still get a kick out of seeing the various video clips they play during their selection process. But as serious researchers? Oy. Hope started to fade when I realized, during the "Beast of Dartmoor" segment, that they were seriously postulating the existence of a lion/boar hybrid. Yes. The love child of a swine and a feline, roaming the moors of England. That would indeed be paranormal, I guess. But the kicker was the "Paulding Lights" episode, where they tried mightily to explain, or at least duplicate, a bright light that appears every night at the end of a dirt road somewhere in the midwest. No dice. Couldn't do it. Case unclosed! Cue the spooky music! Except the case was closed, soon afterwards. Can't blame the "Fact of Faked" crew, I suppose. After all, who but a once-in-a-century scientific genius would think of looking at the Paulding Light through a freaking telescope, where he could plainly see it's just the headlights of cars on a distant freeway??
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