Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Syfy (ended 2012)


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  • modern men in black

    i have seen your show and i think your nothing more the men in black, if you tried as hard to prove something to be real then not you may be on to something, i have never seen a bunch of idiots trying so hard to fake a video and disprove it's not real that they do a bad job at it, and what's with the bad music, i would love to see this show prove that it's real then not, what would happen then, just because you can do a video that looks the same don't mean it's fake, the only thing that's fake is the people on this show trying so hard to disprove that something is faked, well sorry modern men in black but you don't foul me, i do watch your show to see if for once you can't debunk a video, now days it's easy to do with all the software and computers anyone can do it, so for once put a way all that and see if it's real then not, can you do that, no i don't think you will, but i can tell you one thing that's fake on this show is the people doing it, and your super bad at it, i see a lot of mistakes that you do it's not funny, like the UFO over the white sheet that was badly done, the real video of that look more real then the one you did, you could see the cut out of that UFO and the sheet, in truth you suck big time nice try, i can see your mistakes and your bad shadowing, you have not yet disprove one that is a fake, well maybe one or two