Fair City

Daily 8:00 PM on Premiered Jan 01, 1988 In Season





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  • Ahahahahahaha...best unintentional comedy of all time!

    This show is hillarious! Sure the acting is anything but good, the storylines are uninteresting and the set is dull but that's what makes Fair City so great. Watch the show and tell me that some of the characters like Cleo and Carol don't make you laugh. Even if you're supposed to take it seriously it really doesn't matter because the show is just so entertaining. I don't understand wy everyone is giving it such bad reviews, it's an absolutely amazing example of great car crash TV! Fair City is good TV gone bad at it's best. One terrible episode will have you hooked!
  • Fair ***** awful!Terrible acting and stages i would rather watch paint dry,Embarrassing to Irish people

    ok Where do i start,first of all i live in Ireland and this garbage is on every night and it is a pile of crap.

    The story has tons and tons of stupid twists that don't always make alot of sense this program is garbage and shouldn't be aired.Places are not believeable and always i mean always have too much lighting.

    The audio is terrible for instance in a pub scene the characters are as loud as the backround ambience and sometimes make it hard to hear what the characters are saying.

    The story is god awful with terrible acting from a terrible cast of characters as i said none of it is believable
  • Supposed gritty Dublin soap on RTE. An alternative to the Angelus & Eurovision.

    As a Fermanagh Fenian living in London, I've been subjected to this drivel(Fair City)on visits to family in Ireland. They like it because it's Irish, but the reality is RTE are churning out an imitation of British soaps when the press in Ireland moan that society & businesses in the Republic are evolving into some kind of UK theme park.

    Sample plot pub landlady Kay is pregnant by ex-priest Malachy & goes to England for a termination, wheres the magdalene sisters when you need them.

    I didn't think much of that blonde at the blue dolphin, Nicola. Niamh is tops.