Fairly Legal

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2012 on USA

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  • This episode was pretty solid. As always, love the Kate and Ben stuff!!

    There were two cases in this episode: one where Ben and Kate must fly to Lake Tahoe to determine who will get jurisdiction of a crime scene; the other where Justin's boss (the DA who's job Justin is publicly going after) has him take over a case that he knows Justin won't win... The cases were both pretty interesting.

    Justin's: Lauren helps him as he tries to convict a man of a hate crime. Seems pretty simple, especially because the suspect's own cousin is planning to testify that he heard him bragging about brutally beating an Asian man. But, Justin quickly catches on that the DA knows there is something wrong with the case. They quickly find out what that is when the man's cousin admits to having slept with the accused's wife several times. Still, Justin manages to win the case by outsmarting the DA.

    (now for the more fun)

    Kate's: Ben has her appointed "special master" where instead of a mediation, Kate has full authority to determine between California and Nevada and which will get jurisdiction of a crime scene. The victim was a Nevada missing persons case from years ago and there was a suspect, the victim's boyfriend, who Kate believes didn't do it. But, the victim's brother, a Nevada police officer feels differently. Kate manages to help figure out the truth, that they were in love, despite coming from very different backgrounds, and that her death was an accident.

    But, what I really wanted to see in this episode was the relationship between Kate and Ben. At the end of the episode, Ben admits that he meant for them to spend the night in Lake Tahoe because he does really care about her and feels that she does too. I like that he creates a situation for them to become more (the hot tub scene) but still allows her to make the final decision. When she hesitates just a moment too long, he backs away because he knows she isn't ready. Then, at the very end, Justin tells Kate that he wants more. He wants them to get together again officially, and... she says yes. What is she thinking? The Lake Tahoe trip clearly got in her head, but like Ben told her, Justin is "safe" for her... well, 2 episodes left. We will have to see what happens next...
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