Fairly Legal

Season 2 Episode 12

Force Majeure

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 08, 2012 on USA

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  • This wasn't one of my favorites, but as always, I love the Ben and Kate stuff

    It was cute to see Kate's love for this woman's beautiful voice and music, but this wasn't at the top of my list of episodes. I did enjoy that Lauren was finally getting a love interest. And he seemed sweet. he swept her off her feet, but then she found out that he was all that he seemed to be... I really wish that they would just speed up this relationship with Ben and Kate. It is torture watching her just float along with Justin when it is all over her face that she cares for Ben.
  • Force Majeure

    They had a solid case here today, but to be honest there was yet another cop-out ending, and if I had to have one main criticism for this season it would be that: the way episodes end is a little ridiculous. They also used the song for a bit too much at the end, and it made Ben look dopey in love instead of playing "the game" with Kate like he has been.