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Episode Discussion: Finale 2x13 (Jun 15)

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    [1]Jun 12, 2012
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    Season 2 comes to an end. Please use this thread to discuss Friday's Finale. Enjoy!

    from USANetwork: Kate digs deeper when a news station fires a lesbian couple for fraternizing in the workplace. Also, Kate must choose between Justin and Ben. Check out the Preview Clip & more .
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    [2]Jun 16, 2012
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    Very good episode. Ben is starting to become more human. I still do not like the idea of him and Kate together. I wish they had more Leo. What is Lauren doing? and Why are the Feds after Archer? Why did Davidson all of the sudden withdraw? Why do they only have 13 episodes and make us wait so long between seasons? So many more unanswered questions. I just wish we did not have to wait so long.

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    [3]Jun 16, 2012
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    I vowed not to watch the show once I saw the spin they were taking with the all of a sudden Justin cheated, and the attempt to force feed us the notion of Kate and Ben being better together scenario. The new direction the show tried by putting two over the top characters in the mix and then trying to make us believe that we should want them together made no sense to me especially when you consider that they have never given us a valid reason as to why Kate and Justin didn't need to be together. The weak reason they tried try to keep them apart is only made more confusing by the shows quick cut-copy-paste scenario of trying to put Kate with the new guy! No chemistry, and since the show had little support with characters that I actually liked how can it find another season by adding story-line's and characters that I actually can care less about? Love Sarah Shahi and will watch mostly anything that she is in, but I just feel like she is the victim of a star with a promising show being cut short due to lack of original story telling. I'll say it for the last time, I know an original concept for a show, how about we have two characters that actually like/love each other actually do something unthinkable like be together and put all the rest of the entertainment stuff around that outdated concept! Maybe a new pilot will be offered to her soon?

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