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Episode Discussion: Satisfaction 2x01 (Mar 16) (spoilers)

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    Please discuss Friday's season opener Satisfaction here. Enjoy!

    from USANetwork: Preview Clip & more

    If you've got cable, you can watch the episode via "On Demand" like I did.
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    Can you say one and done!!! These new changes to the show just seem like too much going on! We now have two over the top personalities and they seem to be the only one's in the room in the midst of a crowd of people, some might mistake that for chemistry, I just found it annoying! I hate that the people who write for this show only seem to find Kate's character interesting if she is in personal crisis (Justin's infidelity admission). Do they believe that the show would be not worth watching unless they copy paste these typical cheating scenario's? I was a fan of the show from the beginning and I sat there hoping for this episode to keep me, and as Kate went to Justin's office and made her speech I was ready to be happy, but I was hit over the head with more of the same stuff that they force feed us in the season finale as to why they don't want her character to be happy. I'm done. I'm not waiting around for them to force feed us Kate and the new guy's opposites eventually attracting bull, haven't we seen this dynamic enough on NCIS with Tony and Ziva? Love Sarah Shahi as an actress, but I just feel like they are spinning their wheels with what they have her doing on this show. Rather than continuing to complain, I'll simply stop watching all together. Hoped that they would do something different, but the cynical side of me sort of saw it coming. What other show of mine will the writing smarts destroy next?
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    Right there with you, difference being I didn't make it through the whole episode, I got maybe 20 minutes in and realized it just wasn't gonna work, I could have lived with watching the same tired premise being dragged out because as a huge classic films buff you come to except it's all recycled fluff but in the other cases they at least had pretty interesting characters pick up the slack, which I just did not find to be the case here

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