Fairly Legal

Season 2 Episode 8

Ripple of Hope

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 04, 2012 on USA

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  • Why, why, why?!?!?! (spoiler alert)

    Okay, so the episode is a good one, I love how Fairly Legal stays true to the characters, and their personalities, and has a great-storyline weekly, that is both believable, and interesting.

    Kate goes to jail with Ben, to mediate a hunger-strike, which she does greatly, focused on finding the truth, and finding resolution rather than just forcing a WIN for the 'big boys'.

    Leo has a girl, who's a friend(it's suggested it could become more), that needs help with the rights, and royalties of her comic-book, which he helps(Leo is turning out to be a lot deeper than previously expected the last couple of episodes, a great development, I like 'secret' heroes).

    But in the end, when Kate comes back from the parole-board, and she knows they simply don't care Lea didn't do it, Ben tells Lea to lie, and get her freedom by apologizing, and when Lea asks Kate what she'd do, Kate freezes, she shouldn't have, Kate became a mediator because the law isn't about Good, or Bad, Right, or Wrong anymore, it's about Win, or Lose, and she didn't like that, she feels it gets in the way of the truth.

    She could've 'saved' Lea here, by voicing that exact same opinion, the parole-board doesn't care about the truth, so lie to get the WIN-WIN, lying, and admitting to something you didn't do, is just something this crooked system forces on people.(it would've been an even better indictment of a major flaw in the justice-system).

    Otherwise a great episode though, the fact I got worked up about details, shows that it's a great show.
  • Ripple of Hope

    An interesting take on prison situations tonight, and I actually liked the fact that good did not prevail in tonight's show. We need more cases like that, because this is how the real world works. A case that had us guessing, but while entertaining, showed the reality of our flawed parole system.
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