Fairly Legal

Season 1 Episode 5

The Two Richards

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on USA

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  • Wasn't a favorite episode - it was kinda all over the place.

    Didn't find the case Kate was called in to mediate very believable. The fact that a head injury turned the client into someone completely different was somewhat preposterous; but even if his personality was somewhat altered, I didn't believe it was a sufficient reason for the insurance company to cave. The naked neighbor living across from Kate's ex was a silly distraction. I saw, as the episode's major purpose, the introduction of David Smith (played by the guy who was McGuyver). He was the mysterious recipient of 25% of the estate of Kate's dad; and the subject of a manhunt by Kate and her stepmom. They finally found him - does anyone else think he is Kate's biological father?
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    I hate to continue to give this show bad scores because I like Sarah Shahi and I want this show to succeed, but I just do not think that will happen. It has developed a decent little audience, but if today's episode was any indication, this show will never be very good. They had a nice little plot here with the fake Stanley Tucci guy wanting to reinvent his life after an accident he should have been upset over, but the execution just was not there. It seems like the writers want to come up with a snappy thing for Kate to say every scene, instead of creating interesting dialogue for the entire duration of the show.
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    Okay, so this was a vast improvement compared to the last episode, but some scenes just dragged on for what it seemed to be an eternity, even though this episode still brought us substantial development with the guy who has 1/3 of the law firm.

    Sarah Shahi continues to be the only tolerable actress on this show, everyone else falls short in a lot of ways. This might not be the best ensemble, but the case was good this week. It was unique and interesting. A part of someone dying after being in a traumatic accident.

    Also, how funny was the naked man, the resolution was hilarious, and it's those kind of scenes the last episode was definitely missing. We got a bit of a cliffhanger in the end, but I'm not as intrigued as I would like to be unfortunately. This show needs some fine tuning, but this was still a good installment regardless.
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