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Fairy Tail

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This show is based on the popular manga series of the same name by Hiro Mashima. The story follows Lucy, a young wizard who wants to join the Fairy Tail Guild. She soon encounters Natsu, a Fairy Tail member and practitioner of the ancient Dragon Slayer Magic, as well as his partner Happy, a magical talking cat. After accepting Natsu's offer of membership into Fairy Tail, Lucy and Natsu team up to undertake various missions. Opening Theme:
"S.O.W. Sense of Wonder" by Idoling!!! (Episodes 11- ) Ending Theme:
"Kanpekigu~no ne" by Watarirouka Hoshiri Tai (Episodes 1-11)
"Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round" by onelifecrew (Episodes 11- )

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AIRED ON 7/26/2014

Season 5 : Episode 17

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  • i dont know what to put her other than I LOVE THIS SHOW

    i havent finished it and i hope there ALOT MORE TO COME but all good things must come to an end and when it does ill be sad also who is the main character natsu or lucy?
  • Fairy Tail is Simply Magical!

    Funimation just seems to keep putting out more and more great animes, doesn't it? I've been blown away with pretty much everything I've seen in Fairy Tail. In my opinion, it's the best modern anime out right now. Fairy Tail reminds me a bit of an anime version of Harry Potter (best series EVER!) or maybe the early Final Fantasies, what with all of the different forms of magic found here. It also has an amazing cast of characters, amazing art style, a beautifully-designed setting, and an amazing sense of humor.

    Like most shonen anime that go on for a hundred plus episodes, Fairy Tail has no shortage of characters and I love all of them. Natsu is this show's version of Goku, Luffy or Naruto. By that, I mean he's a total dumbass, but he's got a good heart and loves to fight! He's also a Dragon Slayer, who are the best magic-users in the series. In other words, he's totally freakin' awesome! Wendy is just adorable, one of my favorites. But my most favorite character in Fairy Tail is without a doubt Lucy. She's hot, has amazing magical powers, hot, funny, hot, a total sweetheart, though admittedly cowardly sometimes, hot, and most of all, HOT! Haha, yeah, if it wasn't obvious, I sort of have a crush on Lucy. She's drawn in such a beautiful way, and her outfits are always rather revealing that I couldn't really help myself! Lucy's one of the hottest anime girls right now as far as I'm concerned. But then again, so are Erza, Mirajane, Cana, Juvia and a lot of other girls in the show... Man, I sound really weird right now... Every character has some humorous aspect about them, Gray's stripping, Erza intimidating Natsu as well as when she demonstrates her power, Happy just has a hilarious sense of humor, even though it often gets him in trouble with Lucy. That's not even including all of the crazy fights that go on in Fairy Tail.

    Also the setting of Fiorre is just beautifully designed. Like One Piece, the settings in this world are just amazing. Magnolia, Tenrou Island, the beaches, and especially Edolas. Because of Harry Potter, I became a huge fan of Wizardry, so I was looking forward to seeing all the types of spells used in this world, and I was not disappointed. There's a huge variety of cool magic in this show, from Dragon Slayer to Celestial, Armor Requipping to Ice-Making, attacking to trapping, there's just a ton of cool magic. I also like many of the plot points shown off so far, like the S-Class trials, Grand Magical Games, Edolas, Dragons teaching humans how to use magic, Fiorre just looks like a fun place to be in with so much cool stuff to do. I sort of wish I could be a wizard of Fairy Tail.

    There isn't really much about Fairy Tail that I dislike to be honest. Except maybe some of the music. I don't know, apart from some of the best ending themes I've ever heard, Fairy Tail's opening themes are kind of weak. Apart from that though, it has a huge and likable cast of characters, an awesome story, amazing setting, and like Bleach and One Piece, a great balance of action, drama, comedy. If your anime fan, I strongly recommend watching Fairy Tail. It's a simply magical show!moreless
  • Fantastic

    When it comes to Fairy Tail's Anime I am in absolute awe of it's animation, comedy, action and character development but the Soundtrack and battle music is just so darn amazing. I used to think Bleach was good but compared to Fairy Tail that Anime has a lot of flaws (while still being good). My favorite song is Natsu no Theme, a fast paced epic piece that was used so well in the Nirvana arc when Natsu fought Master Zero.

    My favorite character is Erza 'Titania' Scarlet. Her backstory is heart breaking but her bright and valiant personality are a shining example of someone who wont allow her past to ruin her future and in between all that her love of cute (often very alluring) outfits is just adorable, it shows she still see's the fun in life despite her serious nature.

    The filler, unlike most Anime, is fairy decent and watchable but when the Manga plots are usually always exciting, fun and funny to watch. I also enjoyed the OVA's, silly as hell but far from awful.

    Sadly Fairy Tail 2014 doesn't feature as much of the 'sea shanty' awesome music that I came to love but the animation is miles better, no doubt and it's still early days to consider it overly bad just yet as I enjoyed the celestial spirit arc and the filler episodes after it have been very good for a laugh, showcasing Fairy Tail's crazier and often overt he top side.

    Despite Fairy Tail 2014 not living up to previous episodes I'm happy with it all in all :)

    Amazing Animemoreless

    I'm a recent fan... started on episode 1 in November.... Loved it so much that I watched all 200+ episodes in one and a half month.... The animation is very good and after the changes in 2014 the series looks more manga like...... The OST are stellar!!! Best music ive ever heard..... As for the story line and plot ..... AMAZING... The current filler arc is low par when compared to the main story but once the main plot begins again ill be hooked to my seat again.... All in all I'd say that this series has everything: comedy,action, tear bringing scenes and epicness!!!! It is a must watch!!moreless
  • Comrades

    Update the info on this great show it on episode 216 .

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