Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Monday 7:30 AM Feb 22, 2010 on TV Tokyo



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    • (talking during the previews for the next episode)
      Natsu: Well, you were a bit gross right when you were born, Happy.
      Happy: But I'm sure I was cute!
      Natsu: Yeah. One of those cute 'n gross things.

    • (talking after the episode is over)
      Natsu: Erza was all panicking when the turned into you, Happy!
      Happy: Yeah! And her flying skills needed work.
      Natsu: Makes me think of the time you were born, Happy.
      Happy: Aye. But it was Erza on the inside, so she couldn't be 90% as cute as me.

    • Narrator: This magic is not a fantasy. It is a magic that slightly upsets the balance of one's everyday existence... And with that, until next time.

    • Droy & Jet: Go, go, Levy!
      Wakaba: So they're nothing but a cheering squad?

    • Erza in Happy's Body: I see.. So from now on I'll exist as an odd winged cat?
      Happy in Erza's Body: I am not odd!

    • (Happy is in Erza's body and tries to requip some armor but it is a bathing suit and fishing pole)
      Happy in Erza's Body: Huh? This is strange... I wanted to show people some cool armor, but this...
      Natsu in Loke's Body: I get it! It's true we've swapped techniques, but now we're all crappy at them!
      Wakaba: Hey, Loke! Er, wait! The dude that's inside 'im.
      Natsu in Loke's Body: Don't call me "the dude inside him!"

    • Erza in Happy's Body: Haven't you realized yet? Our minds and bodies have...switched places!
      Natsu in Loke's Body: What do you mean, Happy?
      Erza in Happy's Body: I am Erza!
      Happy in Erza's Body: I'm Happy! You're so mean, Loke...
      Erza in Happy's Body: Be quiet!
      Lucy in Gray's Body: Which means...
      Erza in Happy's Body: Natsu and Loke... Gray and Lucy... And worst of all, Happy and I have switched places!
      Happy in Erza's Body: What do you mean, "worst of all?"

    • Wakaba: It's one thing for Natsu and Gray to experience that, but for Lucy-chan it's just... You poor thing!
      Lucy: Poor thing?
      Natsu: Hey, you jerk! Whaddaya mean, "It's one thing for?" Huh, Wakaba?
      Gray: Yeah! Don't lump me in with Natsu!
      Natsu: And what do you mean by that, huh?
      Gray: Exactly what I said! You just don't take a hint, do you?

    • Elfman: (to Natsu and Gray) A man takes responsibility for his actions. You're men, right? Then show it.

    • Erza: Where is the master?
      Macao: He has some kind of council something-or-other meeting, or whatever... He's been gone since yesterday.
      Natsu: We're safe for now!
      Gray: All right! None of that until gramps gets back!
      Happy: Thank goodness! We can put off staring into the gates of hell for a while longer!
      Lucy: (she's stressing out) Tell me what that is already! I wanna know so bad! It's freaking me out! It's even scarier when I don't know what it is!

    • Mirajane: Welcome back. How was the island? Did you have a little swim in the ocean?
      Erza: It wasn't that kind of trip.

    • Narrator: The Kingdom of Fiore. A world where magic is an integral part of people's lives. However... What we will be presenting to you today is a very eerie magic... For the next 30 minutes your mind will leave your body and head deep into this magic...

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