Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 38


Aired Monday 7:30 AM Jul 19, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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After Vidaldus Taka's defeat, the only one left to pose a threat is Ikaruga of Trinity Raven. Erza is ready, but Ikaruga's sword is strong enough to break her powerful armor! With Etherion counting down, Erza will have to beat this powerful foe before it is too late.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Natsu suffers the effects of motion sickness even by recalling memories of it.

      • In the manga, the area in which Erza and Ikaruga fight took place in one of the Towers narrow corridors, however, in the anime, this location was changed into a vast chamber with a bridge, flowered trees, a waterfall, and a river.

      • During their battle, Ikaruga destroys Erza's regular armor, Winged Knight armor, Flame Empress armor and Purgatory armor.

      • Ikaruga is able to sever an opponent's nerves without cutting their clothes or flesh, as well as being capable of slicing through spatial dimensions.

      • Ikaruga is a student of the New Moon School, a flash sword style that can slice through anything, and wields the sword techniques Demon Flash and Garuda Flame.

      • Prior to her battle with Erza, Ikaruga was undefeated since joining the dark guild, Death's Head Caucus.

      • The Council Chair has the final say on all decisions made by the Magic Council, but, in his absence, the responsibility falls to the remaining nine councillors.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Simon: (to Natsu) Erza is trying to finish this herself, as both herself and Jellal have been connected by fate for the past eight years... Their destiny is to do battle, however, Jellal is too powerful... Please, Natsu, save Erza.
        Natsu: Hell no.
        Simon: What?!?

      • (Erza and Jellal begin their fight)
        Erza: You finally finished your tower, and now you're destroying it?
        Jellal: Haha… It's just a pillar or two… nothing more than decorations.
        Erza: Sho and the others believed in you for eight years to make those decorations!
        Jellal: Oh, don't play your petty word games with me... The important thing was the R-System… And now it's finally complete!

      • Jellal: My oh my… Is the game is over already?
        Erza: Is this all just a game to you?!
        Jellal: Oh, but of course. Life and death are the very basis of all things, they amplify every emotion… or rather, there is nothing more fun then to toy around with peoples lives…

      • (regarding Gray's victory over Fukuro)
        Natsu: I lost to that guy, but Gray beat him!?
        Simon: You really didn't lose, Salamander, you got eaten.
        Natsu: He's gonna hold this over me for a month! He's really petty like that… Damn it!

      • (Happy carries Gray to safety)
        Happy: You're heavy… Gray, you got fat.
        Gray: Shut it…

      • (Ikaruga sings to herself after her defeat to Erza)
        Ikaruga: The light of justice… will rain down from the heavens… and kill everyone. Haha… that poem is dreadful…

      • (Erza requips to a fabric outfit with no magical power)
        Erza: (to Sho) I am not strong. So many of my friends have died before my eyes, I've failed to protect those dear to me. I was always crying… To be seen as strong, I locked up my own heart inside a suit of armor… It is because I am weak that I always hide behind my armor! I could never take it off!
        Ikaruga: I will cut down my opponents, even if they are naked!
        Erza: I always believed that the armor would keep me safe… But I was wrong. My armor blocked the space that separates people's hearts. Fairy Tail taught me how close people can be to one another… How warm they are… I am lost no longer! I will change my very being to strength… and defeat you!

      • (Etherion is being prepped for firing)
        Ultear: It is nearly time, Lord Sieg… The dream you've had for the past eight years will finally become a reality…
        Siegrain: Are you not afraid, Ultear?
        Ultear: Not even a little. I trust in you completely, Lord Sieg.
        Siegrain: Hmph. I suppose so, it's not your life that's in danger. I must admit, however, I find myself trembling, just a little. If this fails… then I die. But this is worth putting my life on the line for. After all… This is my dream.
        Ultear: (smirking) Quite…

      • (Gray collapses after defeating Fukuro)
        Simon: Gray Fullbuster… He is far more powerful than the information I gathered would imply… It would seem that his feelings for Erza, and his friends, have strengthened his magical powers. You really did join a wonderful guild, Erza…

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