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  • Season 1
    • Fairy Tail
      Episode 1
      Natsu Dragneel, along with his cat named Happy, has traveled to the town of Hargeon in search of a wizard named Salamander. Here he runs into a young woman named Lucy Heartfilia, a Celestial Wizard, who is determined to join the famous Fairy Tail Guild.
    • 10/19/09
      Natsu, Happy, and Lucy go in search of a missing Fairy Tail wizard in the mountains from which he never returned. Can they find their fellow Fairy Tail wizard before it's too late?
    • 10/26/09
      Natsu and Happy team up with Lucy and they accept a job that has a strange and seemingly simple request...enter a mansion owned by Duke Everlue and burn a certain book. Is this job really as easy as it seems?
    • Dear Kaby
      Episode 4
      Lucy, Natsu and Happy retrieve the book from the mansion, but Lucy cannot bring herself to destroy the book that they have taken the assignment to destroy. What is in the book to prevent her from wanting it destroyed?
    • 11/9/09
      Natsu and Lucy start looking for a new job to take, but just then Erza, the strongest female member in all of Fairy Tail, returns. She's so powerful all the other people in Fairy Tail are scared stiff, and she immediately asks Natsu and Gray to come help her on a mission. Lucy tags along to keep the two of them from fighting, and on the train Erza tells the story of how she learned of the evil plans of Eisenwald, a Dark Guild, and how she intends on stopping them. But can the four of them really take on an entire guild by themselves?moreless
    • 11/16/09
      Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Happy, and Gray follow the Eisenwald Guild to try and stop them from using the Lullaby, a flute that when played will drain the life out of anyone that hears it. They find them but are lured into a trap set by none other than the Eisenwald leader, Erigor. Can they escape the trap and stop him before he completes his fiendish plan?moreless
    • Flame and Wind
      Episode 7
      Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy and Happy are trapped in the railroad station by an impenetrable wind barrier created by Erigon. Can they find a way to escape and stop him before he can carry out his plan to destroy the Guild Masters?
    • 11/30/09
      Natsu, Erza, and Gray are faced with a powerful demon that has been released from the Lullaby Flute. Can the strongest team from Fairy Tail defeat this beast?
    • 12/7/09
      Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Makarov, and Happy are lost in Clover Canyon and they find a town in the middle of the valley that is suspiciously empty of people. What is wrong with the situation and where are the people?
    • Natsu vs. Erza
      Episode 10
      Natsu takes on Erza to prove that he has gotten strong enough to beat her in a fight, but they are interrupted when Erza is arrested. Why has Erza been arrested and will she have to leave Fairy Tail?
    • The Cursed Island
      Episode 11
      Natsu gets an S-class with the help of Happy and he convinces Lucy to come with him to collect the reward. Why is the island cursed and who is behind the curse?
    • Moon Drip
      Episode 12
      Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy uncover a plot to release a demon that wrecked havoc years ago and was only stopped by Gray's former teacher who sacrificed herself to seal away the beast. Can they stop the release of the demon before it's too late?
    • 1/11/10
      In order to protect the village, Natsu faces off against a new foe, Yuka, who is confident that Natsu will lose to him. Can Natsu defeat him?
    • 1/18/10
      Erza has arrived on Galuna Island and her only reason to be there is to return everyone to Fairy Tail for punishment, but Gray refuses to leave and is determined to finish his fight with Lyon. Will Erza allow this or is Gray in for a fight with her?
    • Eternal Magic
      Episode 15
      Gray thinks back to when he first met his teacher and how she changed his life. What happened to her and why is Gray responsible for her death?
    • 2/1/10
      Gray is about to use the Iced Shell magic on Lyon to permanently imprison him in ice like Deliora and Natsu must face off against a mysterious foe that uses Lost Magic. Will Gray sacrifice himself to stop Lyon and can Natsu defeat this mysterious foe?
    • Burst
      Episode 17
      The demon, Deliora, has been released! Can Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy stop the unstoppable monster?
    • 2/15/10
      Erza recruits Natsu to help her "destroy the moon" as Lucy and Gray look on with disbelief. Can Natsu and Erza really destroy the moon?
    • Changeling
      Episode 19
      Natsu finds a strange looking request on the job board and when he says the words on the paper, he, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Happy, and Loke all switch bodies. Can a solution to this perplexing spell be found?
    • 3/1/10
      This episode takes us back to when Happy and Natsu first met and when Lisanna was still apart of the gang.
    • Phantom Lord
      Episode 21
      Fairy Tail is attacked by Phantom Lord and at first it is just their building, but when some of the Fairy Tail members are brutally attacked, Makarov declares war between the guilds. Why did Phantom Lord attack and who are the Phantom Lord's S-Class wizards?
    • Lucy Heartfilia
      Episode 22
      Lucy is taken captive by the Phantom Lord guild and Fairy Tail is in the middle of their battle with Phantom Lord when the unthinkable happens. What does Phantom Lord want with Lucy and why did they attack Fairy Tail?
    • 15 Minutes
      Episode 23
      Makarov is out of action and Fairy Tail is weakened in strength as Phantom Lord approaches with their ultimate weapon. Can Fairy Tail win this seemingly unwinnable battle between guilds?
    • 3/29/10
      Natsu, Gray, and Elfman manage to break into the Phantom Lord's headquarters and Natsu is able to destroy Jupiter and the lookout. However, this does not stop the Phantom, who reveals that the guild itself is able transforms into the magical giant Phantom Mk II. The Phantom Mk II begins casting a forbidden magic, Abyss Break, in an attempt to destroy the entire guild at once.moreless
    • 4/12/10
      Elfman is able to defeat Sol of the Land, but his victory has an unexpected effect on Phantom Mk II. It is discovered that Phantom Mk II uses the power of the Element 4, and since another member was defeated the giant is moving slower. So, in order to stop the giant, Natsu takes on Aria of the Heavens, while Gray fights Juvia of the Deep. With time running out, Natsu and Gray must finish their battles as quickly as possible.moreless
    • Wings of Fire
      Episode 26
      With three of the elements defeated, Natsu faces off against the fourth and final elemental mage, Aria of the Heavens, in a bid to stop the magical giant Phantom Mk II from casting Abyss Break on the town. Aria is the strongest of the four, having already defeated their master with his Airspace magic. Can Natsu defeat him before suffering the same fate as Makarov?moreless
    • 4/26/10
      Natsu and Gajeel face off in a battle to determine who is the stronger Dragon Slayer. During their battle Natsu is pushed to the limit against aa foe who is far stronger than he anticipated. Can Natsu's flames burn through Gajeel and his indestructible iron scales?
    • Fairy Law!!
      Episode 28
      With Natsu and Gajeel fighting elsewhare, Erza faces the master of Phantom Lord, Jose Porla, who is one of the 10 wizard mages; 1 of the 10 most powerful mages in the land. Will Erza even be capable of defeating such a mage, given that she has already spent most of her magical power withstanding the force of Jupiter and defeating the fourth element, Aria?moreless
    • My Resolve
      Episode 29
      As Fairy Tail repair the damage from their battle with Phantom Lord, they are summoned before the Magic Council to explain their actions. Lucy reflects on her past and comes to an important decision.
    • Next Generation
      Episode 30
      Fairy Tail is looking for their next master and candidates like Laxus and Erza are looking to be the best choices. However, Makarov doesn't feel that now is the right time to step down from his position. Later on, Fairy Tail's strongest team, with Erza as the lead person, is given a mission! They are given the order to put on a play. Things become difficult for the group because of a casting change that's been made.moreless
    • After finishing a hard job, the gang goes to the spa town of Hosenka for some relaxation. The group soon encounters Loke. Loke tries to keep away from Lucy, but they realize that something is a little different about him. All of a sudden, Loke confesses an unpeakable truth to Lucy, one that will reveal many secrets about him!moreless
    • The Spirit King
      Episode 32
      In order to protect his friends, Loke breaks the law of the Spirit World and as a result he is forbidden to return to the Spirit World. On top of this, his life-force is slowly slipping away. With this secret revealed to Lucy, Loke says that in order to repent for his sins he wishes to vanish from this world. However, Lucy feels that such a fate should not be given to someone who wanted to protect his friends and she feels that he was wrongly punished. Will the Spirit World be convinced by Lucy?moreless
    • 6/7/10
      After accepting Loki's gift, Natsu and the gang arrive at Akane Resort for a well earned holiday, but things don't go to plan when a mysterious group of mages show up looking for Erza.
    • Jellal
      Episode 34
      Erza and Jellal have more in common than they know and it turns out that they were once comrades. He now rules over the Tower of Heaven, but Natsu and the gang are on their way to help Erza and Happy. Meanwhile, the Council, after finding out about the tower's existence, begins to set their plans in motion as well.moreless
    • Voice of Darkness
      Episode 35
      Whilst the young Erza begins her rebellion, Jellal is tortured by the black magic cult responsible for his imprisonment. Within the darkness and despair he hears a voice calling out to him, one that will profoundly alter everything he believes to be true.
    • Heaven's Game
      Episode 36
      With Sho and Simon now on her side, Erza rushes to confront Jellal, who is about to play one of the aces up his sleeve. Elsewhere, Natsu and Wally come face to face for a second time.
    • Heart's Armor
      Episode 37
      Gray rushes to find Erza, but instead comes across a foe with familiar abilities. At the same time Juvia, now under Vidaldus' control, begins to attack Lucy. Can Lucy turn the tide in this battle?
    • Destiny
      Episode 38
      After Vidaldus Taka's defeat, the only one left to pose a threat is Ikaruga of Trinity Raven. Erza is ready, but Ikaruga's sword is strong enough to break her powerful armor! With Etherion counting down, Erza will have to beat this powerful foe before it is too late.
    • 7/26/10
      The time has finally arrived for the Magic Council to fire Etherion, their ultimate cross dimensional destruction magic, upon the Tower of Heaven. Is this the end for Erza and Natsu?
    • Titania Falls
      Episode 40
      Its Natsu vs Jellal in an all out brawl! Natsu takes extreme measures to defeat Jellal, a mage who has mastered Heavenly Magic. Can he defeat someone once considered to be one of the Ten Wizard Saints?
    • Home
      Episode 41
      Friendship prevails, Erza says farewell to old pals, and the strongest team of Fairy Tail return home to a bevy of surprises. Not only is the guild hall bigger and better than before - a couple new members have joined the ranks!
    • 8/16/10
      Magnolia's Harvest Festival has begun and the town gathers to gawk at the Miss Fairy Tail beauty pageant. The guild gets a shock when all the contestants turn stone cold as a menacing member returns and starts a new contest of his own!
    • As the Battle of Fairy Tail gets underway, Laxus reveals his true intentions to Makarov, who is all but helpless as he witnesses his children fall one by one. Can anyone stand up to Laxus' Raijin Tribe?
    • Thunder Palace!
      Episode 44
      With Eve falling to Erza, Laxus has no other choice but to activate the Thunder Palace, a magical defense system that holds Magnolia to ransom. As the remaining members of Fairy Tail scramble for a counter attack, Levy uses all of her knowledge to release both Natsu and Gajeel from their prison.moreless
    • Satan's Decent
      Episode 45
      Whilst Lucy and Leo battle Bixlow, Fried, the most powerful member of the Raijin Tribe, takes on several Fairy Tail mages at once. As they each fall to his superior magic, Mirajane decides that she too must finally join in the fight.
    • 9/13/10
      As the Raijin Tribe Falls, Mystogen faces Laxus at Kardia Cathedral. Both mages are considered to be the most powerful within Fairy Tail, what could the outcome of their battle be?
    • Triple Dragon
      Episode 47
      It's an all out war between Laxus, Natsu and Gajeel! Gajeel finally joins the fight against Laxus, teaming up with Natsu, despite their history. Can the two Dragon Slayers work together against a foe who is so insanely powerful?
    • Fantasia
      Episode 48
      Natsu and Laxus reach the climax of their fight, taking their battle high above Kardia Cathedral. As the dust settles, the Fantasia finally begins, with all members of Fairy Tail taking part. How will Makarov react to Laxus's actions?
  • Season 2
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Fairy Tail.
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