Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 28

Fairy Law!!

Aired Monday 7:30 AM May 03, 2010 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Jose fears that Fairy Tail will obtain power and influence greater than his own guild by using the Heartfilia fortune that he believes Lucy has access to.

    • We are told by Jose that Lucy is in fact the first daughter of the Heartfilia family, which happens to be one of the richest families in the country.

    • Phantom Lord went to war with Fairy Tail after receiving a request from Lucy's father to find and bring her back to the Heartfilia family. Jose had intended to use Lucy as a hostage in an attempt to blackmail her father into giving the entire Heartfilia fortune to Phantom Lord in exchange for her life.

    • Mystogen collected and restored Makarov's magical power, which had been drained by Aria of the Heavens.

    • Fairy Law is a righteous, legendary magic that only defeats those whom the caster acknowledges as enemies.

  • Quotes

    • Erza: Making such a big deal about who's on top, it's pitiful...But it's your lack of information that's laughable!
      Jose: What...?
      Erza: Lucy ran away from home...You think she uses her family's money? A flower cannot chooses the place it blooms, just as a child cannot choose their parents!! A fiend like you knows nothing of Lucy's tears...You can't know her!!
      Jose: I'll learn soon enough...!

    • Jose: to Erza...Do you understand why I didn't finish Makarov off before?...It was to show him despair!...When he wakes up and sees that both his beloved guild and guild-members have been destroyed...I will make him suffer untill the end of his days!!...I WILL destroy that man with despair and sadness never-ending!!

    • Makarov: A guild is not a building...It is a union between people! I really owe everything to my kids, you've all done so well! Be proud to be part of Fairy Tail!

    • Jose: (Taunting Makarov)Now that you are here, I have no need for the small-fry...Don't worry, I'll finish them off later, of course...

    • Jose: Our Dragons have run quite amuck.
      Erza: It appears you didn't account for Natsu's battle strength...He is just as powerful as I am, if not more so!
      Jose: sarcastically Enough with the modesty, Titania Erza!

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