Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 1

Fairy Tail

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Oct 12, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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Natsu Dragneel, along with his cat named Happy, has traveled to the town of Hargeon in search of a wizard named Salamander. Here he runs into a young woman named Lucy Heartfilia, a Celestial Wizard, who is determined to join the famous Fairy Tail Guild.

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  • Standard introductory episode that ended in a blast.

    Naruto and One Piece are the kings of pilot episodes in animes that deliver content that gets you hooked into its world. Everything after it is fodder. Rarely are first episodes anything of worth in the shounen anime world because they're all pretty much the same thing; a normal person is wandering around town and a mysterious character that sticks out turns out to be some supernatural being with immense power to save the world. Fairy Tail is pretty much the same thing. In fact it's almost identical to Bleach's opening.

    Being a fan of Rave Master's humor, it's good to see that fell over into the mangaka's newest work here in Fairy Tail. Happy provided some good comic relief here and there; material that actually felt fresh than the rehashed slap stick work that is seen so often in shounens.

    The story overall was dry and predictable from the beginning. Right when Natsu was introduced, it was obvious he was going to be a character of significance later down the line, and it was even more obvious this Salamander guy was not all meets the eye as it seems.

    Though if there was anything the episode did splendidly well other than its humor, its how it handled the ending battle between Natsu and Botsu. Being able to absorb flames and repel them back as an attack, that was one thing that came as a surprise. And the battle overall provided great production values and an entertaining fight.

    Fairy Tail's first episode doesn't break new ground, but it does provide some enjoyable comic relief and an interesting groundwork for its magic system to keep you hooked on until at least the next episode.moreless

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    • (Aquarius has just used her power to sweep the ship along with Lucy and Happy onto the shore)
      Lucy: What were you thinking? You think it's normal to sweep me up, too?
      Aquarius: Alas, I failed. I ended up sweeping the ship as well.
      Lucy: You were aiming for me?!
      Aquarius: Do not call me for a while. I will be on vacation for a week with my boyfriend. With my boyfriend.
      Lucy: Don't rub it in!
      Happy: Hey, Lucy! Maybe I shouldn't have apologized back then?
      Lucy: This cat's so oblivious, I don't even know where to start...

    • Lucy: Aquarius! Use your power and sweep that ship up onto the shore!
      Aquarius: Tch.
      Lucy: Did you, perhaps, just say "tch" to me?
      Happy: You really shouldn't complain like that.
      Aquarius: What an annoying girl you are. Let me tell you something. The next time you drop my key, I'll kill you.
      Lucy & Happy: S-sorry!

    • (Happy takes Lucy and flies away from Salamander's ship)
      Lucy: I've got to save Natsu and the other girls!
      Happy: Lucy, listen up.
      Lucy: What is it now?
      Happy: (his wings disappear) My transformation ran out.
      Lucy: You damned cat!
      (they fall into the water)

    • Happy: Is that the ship that Salamander's party is at?
      Natsu: (He turns to see the ship in the harbor and gets sick) Gonna hurl...
      Happy: Stop getting queasy from just thinking about it.

    • Lucy: (Reading a magazine) Oh my, Fairy Tail's caused trouble again? The Devon thieves gang wiped out along with 7 residences...man, they just go overboard!

    • Lucy: That Salamander guy was using a Charm spell, a kind of hypnosis spell. That kind of magic can make people attracted to you, but its sale was banned years ago. He'd go that far just to be popular? What a creepy jerk.

    • (A wizard named Salamander is surrounded by adoring young women when Natsu bursts through)
      Natsu: Igneel! (Sees Salamander) Who the heck are you?
      (Salamander is shocked)
      Salamander: If I said Salamander, would that ring a bell? (Sees Natsu walking away) He's already gone!
      (A bunch of the young women tackle Natsu and start hitting him)
      Young Woman #1: How rude of you!
      Young Woman #2: Yeah, Salamander-sama is an amazing wizard! Apologize to him!
      Natsu: What's wrong with you people?

    • (Lucy sees a gate key that she doesn't have and wants)
      Lucy: How much?
      Shop Keeper: 20,00 jewel.
      Lucy: How much might it be again?
      Shop Keeper: Like I said, 20,000 jewel.
      Lucy: (Starts to flirt with the shop keeper) Come on, how much is it, really, you wonderful old man you...(Winks)
      (In the next scene, Lucy is walking angrily down the street)
      Lucy: He only knocked off a 1,000 jewel? So my looks are only worth 1,000 jewel? That's nothing. That really pisses me off.

    • Happy: Natsu, we're here! Hargeon! Get up! Get up!
      (Natsu is laying face first on the floor of the train)
      Train Conductor: Is he okay?
      Happy: Aye. He always gets like this. (Natsu gets motion sickness extremely easily)
      Natsu: (Looking sick) I can't handle it. I'll never take the train again...

    • Narrator: The Kingdom of Fiore...A neutral country of 17 million people. It is a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there every day. It is an integral part of people's lives. And there are those who use magic as their occupation. Those people are referred to as wizards. The wizards belong to various guilds, and perform jobs on commission. There are a large number of guilds within the country. And in a certain city there lies a certain guild. A guild from which various legends were once born, or rather, will continue to be born long into the future. And its name is Fairy Tail!

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