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Favorite Magic

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    [1]Dec 29, 2010
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    I'd start a poll but there's so many different types of magic that the list would be too long. I'm talking about Canon or Fanon. As in, what the author has created and what you've created. I know this topic is overly done but... *shrugs* I haven't been around here for around four years and if this topic is hated then the editors can delete it or whatever I don't care. I suppose you can say the type of magic and then like a specific of it or whatever... for example...

    Dragon Slayer- Lightning

    Element- Wind

    Requip- Weapons

    Celestial- Zodiac

    ... Does anyone get where I'm going here? I'm just curious what kind of mages we have floating around here.

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Dragon Slayer magic. Which is probably pretty common I presume. I'm usually a wind element fan but since the Sky Dragon can do nothing but heal and only that Roar as a offensive attack... I'd go with Lightning Dragon Slayer since Electricity, to me, is one of the most deadly powers out there.

    Anyone else care to answer? Or am I just going to get a lot of flames... Which I'll have Natsu eat and then he can flame some butt! Ha ha ha ha!... I'm so corny...

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    This is surprisingly tricky!

    I'd have to go with Wind magic as I'd love to fly.Plus wind is perfectly suited for battle so I can slice any birds that get in the way lol :-p

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    Fanon, eh?

    I've had this idea for magic for a while. I thought it'd be interesting if someone could immerse their arm in an element, let's say, water or earth, and then control its motion as a giant arm. If this person were to say submerge their hand in a fishbowl of water, it would appear to someone else that the hand would disappear.

    The point being, is that during a battle, it would suddenly appear to an enemy, "Wait, the hand is disappearing. It's not touching anything. OH SHI!" before getting hacked apart as the weilder merged their hand with the wind itself.

    This is fairly elaborate, and I don't think it reads clearly yet.
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    Personally, my favorite magic is the Dragon Slayer magic. [all the varieties included]

    After that, Erza's magic and Ultear's Arc of Time.
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