Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 37

Heart's Armor

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Jul 12, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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Gray rushes to find Erza, but instead comes across a foe with familiar abilities. At the same time Juvia, now under Vidaldus' control, begins to attack Lucy. Can Lucy turn the tide in this battle?
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  • Character development a plenty.

    OK. So I'll admit that my initial reaction of 'not as strong as last weeks episode' was a little harsh. I've since watched the episode a couple of times more and I'm now properly warming to it. I know. I'm in shock too. Note to self - in future, do not write episode reviews UNTIL you've watched it more than once. That's my tip-of-the-day.

    So, the opening fight of Lucy vs. Juvia and Vidaldus was over quickly, and yes it still felt rushed, but on a second viewing I actually got it. The fight was never supposed to be about Lucy and Juvia going at it, both using awesome moves etc, it was supposed to show us how these two characters have developed since their initial meeting back during the Phantom arc. I can't believe I didn't see that first time round. Man I suck.

    Juvia's character development was immense. We've always seen her as the jealous type; fearful and threatened by that idea that Gray, her one true love, will be stolen from her by Lucy, this belief has therefore dictated her actions and thoughts. On this occasion we were given another insight. And all it took was a good old fashioned cat fight between love rivals. The result of which was that Juvia realised that Lucy is in fact an ally, and more importantly, a friend. Something that she never even considered. Given Juvia's history with Lucy (she kidnapped her for Phantom + the love rival thing) this was a big revelation. Deep stuff, huh? On a blokey note, it was definitely awesome to see Juvia and Lucy go at it, girl on girl, if somewhat briefly. Mashi likes his girls, and it shows.

    I'm still slightly upset that the Magical Fusion achieved between Lucy and Juvia was not explored more deeply, but, considering the true meaning behind the first half of the episode, I can live with that. We did have Jellal (Gerard?) explain briefly some history about it, but the effects, for me, were over too soon.

    I've been thinking about what it means to achieve Magical Fusion. Random, yes, but hear me out. It's not just about skill, ability, knowledge, power etc. If that were the case then that monk guy would have achieved it. Why even tell that story? This is my thinking; both Juvia and Lucy finally understood each other, if only for a second, the result of which was 'Unison Raid'. A singular moment of clarity between two mages, resulting in a devastating combo attack. Next time, and I'm going out on a limb here, more history and significance will be given to it. I refer to... ahem... Natsu + Golden Flame = Dragon............. I await in anticipation.

    The anime once again smoothly detailed the fight and story sequences between manga panels, something that recent Naruto episodes have somewhat lacked. The whole thing had an excellent pace and was coherent. None of it looked out of place. The story boarders did an excellent job mapping the manga to anime, given how the mange sequenced the whole thing in a totally different order. Congrats. Please offer your services to Naruto Shippuuden!!!

    The Natsu vs. Fukuro and subsequently the Gray vs. Fukuro fight felt rushed, but it wasn't bad. I still thought it wasn't as intense as it could have been, but on second thoughts I think the problem was that the animators only had a third of an episode to play with. So much other stuff just happened this week.

    Fukuro's defeat of Natsu was clever. No question. I would definitely research my foes prior to battle. It's common sense. But I felt Natsu lost too easily, given what's to come further in the arc. Gray upped his game. His passion for his friend froze Fukuro's flames, resulting in the deadly 'Ice Blades: Seven Sword Dance' move. Ice swords are cool. Need I say more. And Fukuro's exit as a result of this move was very predictable. Did anyone else see that coming?

    Lastly, the Magic Council. For all those who have yet to put two and two together, I'll leave it at that. Let the countdown begin. Here's hoping next week's swordplay between Erza and Ikaruga lives up to the expectation I have, as it should be a good one. Erza rocks.

    My amended rating of this episode is 10 Ice Blades out of 10. Definitely better than I remembered. Trust me. [SK]moreless

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    • (The Magic Council concedes to fire Etherion)
      Elder Yajima: You will take full responsibility! Right, Sieg?
      Siegrian: Of course. All responsibility lies with me-
      Elder Yajima: What I mean is that you will be responsible for the lives you will take! You are trying to send your own twin brother to oblivion! You will have to carry that with you for the rest of your life, Sieg!
      Siegrian: I will bear it. I will bear the weight of Jellal's life.

    • (after defeating Fukuro)
      Gray: She was always…by herself…her heart clad in armour…crying, all alone… Erza has to be with us... with Fairy Tail, so she doesn't have to cry anymore!

    • (Gray arrives to see Natsu lose to Fukuro)
      Happy: Gray, that guy, he ate Natsu...
      Gray: What...? What the hell does he think he's playing at! Flaming piece of s**t! I'll sort this punk out!

    • (Fukuro's jet pack attaches itself to Natsu)
      Simon: His techniques are ridiculous, but fearsome.
      Happy: No way…?!
      Fukuro: I'm well aware of your weakness, Salamander!
      Happy: This is bad, that things... a vehicle!
      Simon: What!?
      Fukuro: Now that my prey is weak, I can go in for the kill! That is hunting!

    • (The Magic Council votes against firing Etherion)
      Siegrian: Do you people really comprehend the situation we're in? Whilst we're wasting time with this pointless farce, Jellal is resurrecting the dead! Can't you feel it? Dark magical energy is swelling up even as we speak… the sheer horror of the man he's trying to resurrect...
      Elder Yajima: Siegrian, what are you-
      Siegrian: He wants to resurrect the Black Mage, Zeref!

    • (after defeating Vidaldus)
      Lucy: We did it!
      Juvia: Juvia is back to normal!
      Lucy: I'm glad, I'm so glad Juvia!
      Aquarius: Hey, you! Don't ever summon me from a place like that again! Where are you gonna summon me from next, huh? A toilet bowl? I'll f**king kill you.
      Lucy: I-I'm very sorry…
      Juvia: How very frightening…

    • (regarding Lucy and Juvia's defeat of Vidaldus)
      Jellal: This magical power... Those brats are achieving... Magical Fusion? Is this... Unison Raid? I've heard stories of monks who wasted their whole lives trying to achieve it, only to never achieve their goal… Even if it's just a coincidence, that's quite the act they've just pulled. They may be just little girls, but they are Erza's comrades, after all... hehe...

    • (Juvia has imprisoned Lucy within her Water Lock)
      Juvia: Lucy! Lucy… Juvia isn't doing this…
      Lucy: Juvia? Is her heart… speaking to me?
      Juvia: Juvia doesn't want to hurt her friends...although perhaps I'm being presumptuous by saying 'friend'... It's true that you are a rival in my love for Gray-
      Lucy: Although I'm not-
      Juvia: but Juvia has come to love Fairy Tail. It seems so warm, so fun, so welcoming… Even if it's raining outside, in Fairy Tail, the sun is always shining! Juvia had no idea that she could smile this much in a guild! That's what I thought… And just when I felt I could finally become friends with everyone… Juvia truly is a woman who brings misfortune…
      Lucy: Tears… Even inside the water, Juvia's tears are warm… People who shed tears for their friends... Will never be rejected from Fairy Tail!

    • (Vidaldus is playing his guitar)
      Juvia: This… is the ultimate vibe!
      Lucy: What is this? Juvia, get a hold of yourself!
      Vidaldus: She's my succubus now... she'll only take orders from me!
      Lucy: Could it be... the sound from his guitar... But then why wasn't I affected?
      Vidaldus: That's a good question! It wouldn't be any fun if both of you were under my spell now, would it!? What I wanna see is a cat fight between two fit girls! You know, one of those jiggly, hair-pullin', scraps of clothing flying everywhere fights!
      Lucy: You're the lowest.
      Vidaldus: That's the greatest compliment ever… Juvia!
      Juvia: I think it's time for little girls who don't understand rock to get spanked! Let's start with those huge boobs!

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