Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 36

Heaven's Game

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Jul 05, 2010 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Vidaldus' hair can absorb any type of liquid.

    • Trinity Raven is part of the dark Assassins Guild, Death's Head Caucus. They are a three person team comprising of Vidaldus Taka, Fukuro and Ikaruga, who specialise solely in assassination requests. They are a legendary unit accredited as being responsible for assassinating every officer of the Western Army during the Cabria War.

    • Whilst wearing the cat mask, Natsu uses the moves Cat Barrier, Cat Fire, and finally, his secret move, Cat In Distress.

    • Simon is able to use telepathic communication magic which allows him to transmit messages to others telepathically, regardless of distance.

  • Quotes

    • Juvia: I wonder why Juvia is searching for Natsu-san together with you, Lucy-san?
      Lucy: Ignoring me, I see?
      Juvia: I'll do it for Gray-sama's sake, but to be stuck with one's rival in love… I can only imagine the carnage that will ensue!
      Lucy: Look, I'm trying really hard not to be involved in this.

    • Fukuro: (to Natsu) Salamander! Your evil deeds have reached my guilds ears! Today this Warrior of Justice will bury your evil!
      Simon: Stand back, Salamander! You can't take on the Assassins Guild!
      Happy: This guy… He kills people for a living?!
      Natsu: It pisses me off that a job like that even exists… And it pisses me off even more that there are people that actually give 'em work. Not to mention you have the balls to call it a guild. And because you really piss me off, I'm gonna beat you up! Bring it on, birdbrain!!

    • Fukuro: (to Natsu) I will not permit you to break the rules! I will pass judgement on you in the name of justice! The Warrior of Justice, Fukuro, is here!
      Happy: It's a bird!
      Natsu: The bird's blabbing about justice?

    • Simon: (regarding Natsu) Any mage who'd die from something like that wouldn't be a match for Jellal. And I was confident that he wouldn't die... You people have yet to realise Natsu's true power. When Natsu obtains the true power of the dragon, he will destroy all evil before him!
      (scene cuts to Natsu)
      Natsu: I can't wipe around my mouth! Eww!

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