Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 22

Lucy Heartfilia

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Mar 15, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Lucy is taken captive by the Phantom Lord guild and Fairy Tail is in the middle of their battle with Phantom Lord when the unthinkable happens. What does Phantom Lord want with Lucy and why did they attack Fairy Tail?

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    Eri Kitamura

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    Cana Alberona

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    Masaki Kawanabe

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      • Elfman: Natsu! I'll let you have that manly battle! But in return...
        Natsu: Right! I'll knock him good!

      • (Gajeel bursts out of the rubble he created when Natsu knocked him into the wall)
        Gajeel: That didn't affect me.
        Natsu: Doesn't look like to me.
        Gajeel: You sure?
        (Gajeel charges and knocks Natsu through the floor and several of Phantom Guild's members)
        Gray: Hey now...
        Loki: That's just nuts.
        Gajeel: Come on, bring it. You're not affected either, right?
        (Natsu bursts in flames out of the rubble that he was buried in)
        Natsu: You know me pretty well there...

      • Gajeel: You're one hot and uncomfortable guy, you know that?
        Natsu: Shut up, you hard-ass.

      • Gajeel: I'll crush you!
        (Gajeel attacks Natsu with his iron fist and Natsu stops it with a flaming fist)
        Natsu: Don't get ahead of yourself, you scrap-iron bastard!

      • Gajeel: (to Natsu) Got a bit of a destructive streak in you, huh?

      • (Erza orders the Fairy Tail members to retreat)
        Gajeel: Oh? Already running with your tails between your legs? You never had the guts, you Fairies.
        Aria: Retreats are sad. All too sad.
        Gajeel: Aria? You're always creeping me out.

      • Gajeel: (to Gajeel) Don't cry at every little thing! You're annoying...

      • (Natsu is using his flames on a Phantom Lord member as he is dragging him along in order to get him to talk and tell him where Lucy is)
        Phantom Lord Member: I never heard of the wench...I mean, I don't know about the young lady!
        Natsu: Oh, that so? Too bad. Time to make charcoal, I guess.
        Happy: Aye!
        Phantom Lord Member: But our headquarters is up ahead. She may be there...
        Natsu: Say that in the first place, sheesh.
        Happy: Aye.

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