Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 22

Lucy Heartfilia

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Mar 15, 2010 on TV Tokyo



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    • Elfman: Natsu! I'll let you have that manly battle! But in return...
      Natsu: Right! I'll knock him good!

    • (Gajeel bursts out of the rubble he created when Natsu knocked him into the wall)
      Gajeel: That didn't affect me.
      Natsu: Doesn't look like to me.
      Gajeel: You sure?
      (Gajeel charges and knocks Natsu through the floor and several of Phantom Guild's members)
      Gray: Hey now...
      Loki: That's just nuts.
      Gajeel: Come on, bring it. You're not affected either, right?
      (Natsu bursts in flames out of the rubble that he was buried in)
      Natsu: You know me pretty well there...

    • Gajeel: You're one hot and uncomfortable guy, you know that?
      Natsu: Shut up, you hard-ass.

    • Gajeel: I'll crush you!
      (Gajeel attacks Natsu with his iron fist and Natsu stops it with a flaming fist)
      Natsu: Don't get ahead of yourself, you scrap-iron bastard!

    • Gajeel: (to Natsu) Got a bit of a destructive streak in you, huh?

    • (Erza orders the Fairy Tail members to retreat)
      Gajeel: Oh? Already running with your tails between your legs? You never had the guts, you Fairies.
      Aria: Retreats are sad. All too sad.
      Gajeel: Aria? You're always creeping me out.

    • Gajeel: (to Gajeel) Don't cry at every little thing! You're annoying...

    • (Natsu is using his flames on a Phantom Lord member as he is dragging him along in order to get him to talk and tell him where Lucy is)
      Phantom Lord Member: I never heard of the wench...I mean, I don't know about the young lady!
      Natsu: Oh, that so? Too bad. Time to make charcoal, I guess.
      Happy: Aye!
      Phantom Lord Member: But our headquarters is up ahead. She may be there...
      Natsu: Say that in the first place, sheesh.
      Happy: Aye.

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