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Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 10

Natsu vs. Erza

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Dec 14, 2009 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Natsu takes on Erza to prove that he has gotten strong enough to beat her in a fight, but they are interrupted when Erza is arrested. Why has Erza been arrested and will she have to leave Fairy Tail?

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    Eri Kitamura

    Eri Kitamura

    Cana Alberona

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    Ryoko Ono

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      • Happy: It's a job where we're supposed to rescue an island.
        Lucy: An island?
        Natsu & Happy: Galuna, the cursed island!
        Lucy: Now I'm definitely not going!
        Happy: Even if I offerto give you half the fish?
        Lucy: That's not an incentive!

      • Natsu: If we do this right, then gramps will have to recognize us.
        Lucy: Really, you're always doing crazy things like this. At least follow the rules of your own guild.
        Natsu: If I do that, I'll never get up to the second floor!

      • Natsu: I've decided. Let's do an S class quest, Lucy!
        Happy: (holds up S class poster) S class!
        Lucy: How'd you get that? I thought you couldn't go up on the second floor?
        Happy: We went up and took one.
        Lucy: Cat burgler!

      • (Lucy comes home to find Natsu doing sit ups along with Happy lifting weights in her bed)
        Natsu: Welcome home!
        Happy: Welcome home!
        Lucy: (she kicks Natsu in the stomach) You smell like a gym! If you're gonna weight lift, do it in your own house!

      • Lucy: About what Master said before... How he can't go up to the second floor. Why is that?
        Mirajane: It's a bit early to talk to you about it, Lucy. But the second-floor request board has jobs posted to it so difficult they don't even compare to the ones on the first. S class quests.
        Lucy: S class?
        Mirajane: These are jobs where the slightest mistake would mean death. Of course, the rewards are correspondingly high. Only wizards who the master approves can take on S class quests. If you include, Erza, Laxus, and Mystogan, then there are only 5 people who can do them. S class is not really something you should seek out. They're all jobs where you'd need a great number of lives!
        Lucy: Seems like it...

      • Laxus: I'm not giving up my seat as the strongest in Fairy Tail for anyone! Not to Erza or Mystogan, either. I am the strongest!

      • Natsu: Laxus! Fight me!
        Gray: You were just beat by Erza a second ago!
        Laxus: That's right! If you can't even beat Erza, there's no way you could beat me.

      • Elfman: So, what about your man-to-man battle with Erza, Natsu?
        Lucy: Man?
        Natsu: Oh yeah, I forgot! Erza, let's continue where we left off!
        Erza: No. I'm tired.
        Natsu: (charges up his flame magic) Here I come!
        Erza: What am I to do with you? (she punches him in the stomach and he drops to the floor) Ah well. Shall we begin?

      • Lucy: So it was all an arrest for show... And I was so worried...
        Gray: I see! She's a scapegoat but not a sacrificial lamb!
        Elfman: You're an ice wizard, all right... That joke gave me chills...

      • Seigrain: I see... So he was in Fairy Tail? Natsu Dragneel...

      • (Erza and Natsu have been put in prison after Natsu destroyed part of the Council's meeting hall in his attempt to rescue her)
        Erza: I don't even know what to say to you. This is just a formality!
        Natsu: A formality?
        Erza: They arrested me just for show. It's to preserve the order of the magical world. The council must make a show of enforcing law among wizards.
        Natsu: What? I don't get it at all!
        Erza: It means that they'll find me guilty, but there won't be any real punishment! I'd probably have been back today. If you hadn't gone nuts, that is!

      • Lucy: So then, where's the real Natsu?
        Gray: He didn't go after Erza, did he?
        Macao: Yeah, probably.
        Elfman: You've got to be kidding me! That guy might actually try and punch a council member!
        Makarov: Silence! All of you! We will wait patiently for the results.

      • Seigrain: I wanted to see you before the trial and warn you. (whispers to Erza) Say nothing of the past to the old men. For both our sakes. (walking away) I'll be waiting on the other isde of the door. As a member of the Council. (he disappears)
        Messenger: You know some powerful people, don't you?
        Erza: He's evil.

      • Gray: If you're innocent and the Council says you're guilty, then you're guilty. You seriously think they'd listen to us?

      • Happy: (gives some betting money to Cana on the fight between Natsu and Erza) Yeah, I'm betting on Erza after all. That okay?
        Lucy: What a heartless cat!

      • Erza: How many years has it been since we've pitted our magic head to head like this?
        Natsu: I was just a kid then! Things will be different this time! Today's the day! I'm going to beat you!
        Erza: I don't plan on holding back. It's been a while since I truly tested my own limits!

      • Gray: Natsu and Erza are fighting!
        Lucy: W-Wait, they were serious?
        Mirajane: Oh! Hi, Lucy!
        Elfman: Serious as can be! If they didn't take this seriously, they couldn't call themselves men!
        Mirajane: Erza's a woman, you know.
        Macao: More like a female monster.

      • Lucy: (stretching after writing her letter) Thrilling adventures are great and all, but you can't beat relaxing at home!
        Gray: Rent for this place is 70,000 jewel? That's really cheap. (sitting behind Lucy without shirt and shoes on) You found yourself a nice pad, Lucy!
        Lucy: Trespassing! (kicks Gray in the chest) And don't strip in other people's homes!
        Gray: Hold it! It's a misunderstanding! I was already naked when I arrived.

      • Lucy: (writing a letter) The incident with Eisenwald targeting the guild masters during their regular meeting became big news immediately and everyone in the country learned of it. I would never have believed I'd be at the center of such a huge event. Even so, I'm living my day t oday life just like I always do. Sometimes I think back on what happened and get all excited, though. I got wind that most of Eisenwald's members were arrested, including that guy named Kage. Well, I guess that's expected. The one thing that scares me is they don't seem to have caught Erigor. What'll I do if he comes to take revenge on Fairy Tail? But I'll be okay! Natsu, Erza, and Gray are Fairy Tail's strongest team! Plus: Happy and I are there, too!

      • Seigrain: It seems like this time we were saved by that thorn in our sides, Fairy Tail.
        Urtear: They destroyed a whole dark guild with just 4 or 5 people. Impressive.

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