Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 18

Reach It! To That Sky!

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Feb 15, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Erza recruits Natsu to help her "destroy the moon" as Lucy and Gray look on with disbelief. Can Natsu and Erza really destroy the moon?

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      • Seigrain: What are your impressions fighting Natsu?
        Ultear: I didn't even use half of my power, but it was impressive. That kid's gonna get stronger and stronger...
        Seigrain: Indeed... The son of Igneel... He needs to keep burning bright, for my dream...

      • Lucy: It looks like you'll be left with a scar.
        Gray: Huh? It doesn't bother me.
        Lucy: It's on your face!
        Gray: I don't care when I get scarred. As long as they can be seen.
        Lucy: Oh, that's deep!
        Natsu: Huh? What's a wound you can't see?
        Gray: Quiet you! When I say somethin' cool, don't step all over it!
        Natsu: That was cool?

      • Seigrain: Why did you return the village to the way it was?
        Zalty: Call it a bonus.
        Seigrain: What am I to do with you? But Fairy Tail exceeded my expectations. I hope they never get in our way.

      • (Yuka and Sherry have come to apologize for thier actions from earlier)
        Yuka: Our towns were destroyed when we were kids. Our friends and family burned to ashes... Reitei-sama was finally going to defeat Deliora. That's why we followed him. But that's still no reason to hurt innocent people in the process. We hated Deliora so much, we ended up becoming no better than it was.

      • Sherry: Thanks to you, we're free of our hatred for Deliora.

      • (Erza knocks down Sherry and Yuka in a second)
        Natsu: Awesome!
        Lucy: She's strong barehanded!
        Happy: Such is the Great Erza!
        Lucy: "The Great?"

      • Yuka: You guys did Reitei Lyon pretty good... He can't even move.
        Sherry: We have come to pay you back.
        Lucy: Wait a second! Didn't you hear? We and Lyon have already...
        Yuka: That's a separate issue.
        Sherry: We will end this once and for all.

      • Lucy: It wasn't the moon that she broke... It was the sky?

      • (Natsu punches the Lance of Haja and the explosion destroys the top part of the watch tower)
        Happy: Whoa!
        Gray: Holy...
        Lucy: They're destroying stuff again!

      • Erza: By combining the throwing power of the Giant Armor and your flames, we will destroy that moon!
        Natsu: All right! Got ya!
        Erza: Let's go!
        Gray: Why are the two of them so into this?
        Lucy: They're not actually going to destroy the moon, right?

      • Gray: Destroy the moon? Well, this is Erza we're talking about, but still...
        Lucy: W-What does she plan on doing?
        Happy: Quite heart-racing don't you think?
        Lucy: In a lot of ways...

      • Erza: We are going to destroy the moon right now. We'll destroy the moon, and everyone will return to their original forms!

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