Fairy Tail

Monday 7:30 AM on TV Tokyo Premiered Oct 12, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Fairy Tail: An amazing Anime!

    Anime is a very addicting thing, people watch. If people don't get what they want, they get mad, and I think Fairy Tail is something no one could get mad at. Even if there is a lot of fun things I could say, there are some bad things. I've been watching Fairy Tail for a while now and I think that there is way too much battling and a lot less time for the main character's to get to know each other. I think that they should be able to get to spend a lot of time with each other, for the NaLu shipper's (Me). I still think it's an amazing Anime since it has a strong relationship between two character's, making it more of a better Anime, because people like it when character's are strong and nice to each other, liking each other!
  • Superb

  • Fairy Tail: One of the Best Anime's Ever!

    The show fairy tail is a show that everyone should watch. Lucy Heartfilia, is a wizard who want to join the famous fairy tail guild. She meets a young wizard named Natsu and he is the one who gets her into fairy tail. They along with Gray, Erza, Happy and more have a ton of adventures. I especially like how the show promotes lessons as to always go with your friends, never rely on yourself for tough challenges, and always live for you and your family (friends). This anime is one of the best Anime's and it is one that you need to take consideration into watching if you want to watch a great show.
  • Best anime Ever

    my favourite anime :D
  • Unbelievably epic!!!!!

    This was the first anime i've seen, and i'm glad i watched it. Everything about this show is epic, including the soundtrack. The story is enticing, and just keeps you glued to your seat! Hope it goes on for a long time.
  • natsu and lisanna

    i want these two to be together

  • Keep it up guys!

    At first i thought that the second season wasn't even close to the first as the first was way better , but i take it all back because this tartaros plot is really good! And you made natsu stronger as he should be cause at the previous episodes he was really weak. Nice work guys!
  • Best show ever!

    This is the best show/anime i've seen so far. Epic! words cant describe how i feel.
  • i dont know what to put her other than I LOVE THIS SHOW

    i havent finished it and i hope there ALOT MORE TO COME but all good things must come to an end and when it does ill be sad also who is the main character natsu or lucy?
  • Fantastic

    When it comes to Fairy Tail's Anime I am in absolute awe of it's animation, comedy, action and character development but the Soundtrack and battle music is just so darn amazing. I used to think Bleach was good but compared to Fairy Tail that Anime has a lot of flaws (while still being good). My favorite song is Natsu no Theme, a fast paced epic piece that was used so well in the Nirvana arc when Natsu fought Master Zero.

    My favorite character is Erza 'Titania' Scarlet. Her backstory is heart breaking but her bright and valiant personality are a shining example of someone who wont allow her past to ruin her future and in between all that her love of cute (often very alluring) outfits is just adorable, it shows she still see's the fun in life despite her serious nature.

    The filler, unlike most Anime, is fairy decent and watchable but when the Manga plots are usually always exciting, fun and funny to watch. I also enjoyed the OVA's, silly as hell but far from awful.

    Sadly Fairy Tail 2014 doesn't feature as much of the 'sea shanty' awesome music that I came to love but the animation is miles better, no doubt and it's still early days to consider it overly bad just yet as I enjoyed the celestial spirit arc and the filler episodes after it have been very good for a laugh, showcasing Fairy Tail's crazier and often overt he top side.

    Despite Fairy Tail 2014 not living up to previous episodes I'm happy with it all in all :)

    Amazing Anime

    I'm a recent fan... started on episode 1 in November.... Loved it so much that I watched all 200+ episodes in one and a half month.... The animation is very good and after the changes in 2014 the series looks more manga like...... The OST are stellar!!! Best music ive ever heard..... As for the story line and plot ..... AMAZING... The current filler arc is low par when compared to the main story but once the main plot begins again ill be hooked to my seat again.... All in all I'd say that this series has everything: comedy,action, tear bringing scenes and epicness!!!! It is a must watch!!
  • Comrades

    Update the info on this great show it on episode 216 .
  • Life Changing

    I don't like any of the fillers one bit (especially the current celestial one), but the parts that are actually real and based off of the manga are amazing.
  • One of the best

    Fairy Tail is so cool!! Even tho some episodes are old (before 2014 episodes) it was so cool!! I love it! I don't have the words!! And I never regret it!!! Yes! I'm a fairy tail wizard and so the other fans!!!!!! <3 :) and I also think that fairy tail should be listed one of the best anime... Because it has and had many fans..
  • The best anime

    Fairy Tail is the best anime ever but the only thing that I want is more episodes for English dub they only take out 12 episodes each 2 months or 1 mouth but I need more episodes they should take out like 12 episodes like ever friday that will be cool
  • Fairy tail review

    Let's see... I'm not going to be boring and explain some things on what got me into fairy tail and I started to become a FT FAN!!... but just a short summary... my sister introduce it to me... :) I by the G*ds thank her so much.. Fairy tail has kool music, the weirdest moments between the narrator (Lucy Heartifila) and Nastu Dragneel and Erza and Gray and etc... :) haha it never gets boring and leaves you wanting more... Especially when your cooking like chicken noodles and waiting for it to cook by spending 2 minutes watching fairy tail, and an amaxing part comes up and your just like, If I pause it I'll lose the mood... :) Anyways Fairy tail isn't just about how funny it gets and or serious whichever emotion comes first.. But if you look at it a different angle, you'll see that it's not just entertaining its also a lesson important good advise to everyone who watches FT.. :) I learnt that going on adventures with Nastu isn't a walk in the park, it gives you that feeling of wanting to take risks that you think that out of your own reach... like Lucy for example :) she always get upset or tired from going on adventures that she knows that its going to be long... but She builds more confidence and strives down the path making new friends and also enjoying herself :) It's by far the best anime to watch and continue to watch for fun and being a FT FAN :) fairy tail is No.1 guild in Fiore and is in the top 10 best anime in the charts... (I think) hahaha thanks and continue to be a FAIRYTAIL FAN!!! :) <3

    I am a big critic when it comes to shows, so I rate shows strictly and they're mostly low, but not this one. I love this anime. It started all about 16 year old lucy looking for a guild. She then met natsu who took her to fairy tail. She believes fairy tail is the most important thing of her life. Usually the only anime I watch. ^_^. How amazing!!

    Music: 9.5/10 ROCKIN music here! That is all I have to say!

    Story: 9.5/10 the story is near perfect. It makes lots of sense! Fairy tail will never die!

    Presentation: 10/10 Perfect presentation. Everything fits to the theme! :D

    Overall (Not AVG) 9.5/10 Excellent
  • very good

    Im fan of it from now
  • One of many

    I am one of the many FT fans, and I have to say that every one who likes FT knows what awesome.
  • Fairy Tail the best!

    One of my favorite anime now! excited for newest episodes. :)
  • Awsome anime

    I hope there more please
  • One of the Best Animes

    It is quite a good anime, I'd say, one of the best out there.

    It has awesome action and doesn't drag the fights for too long.

  • Stunning!

    This is currently my favourite anime, simply stunning, clever, random funny bits but overall absolutely amazing. It has everything i personally look for when i start watching new series. i deeply recommend it to you all anime action seekers.
  • did you know when to make new episodes

    i like this show
  • Awesome show!!!

    The show is based upon the popular manga by Hiroshima.

    Even though there is not much newness in story the is pretty enjoyable especially the fight scenes.

    There are some good comic moments.

    The characters are cool

    the only problem is some unsuitable scenes. the show would have been very popular among the children of age 11-14 if these scenes were not there

    but its still quite enjoyable!!! n totally worth it

  • A very enjoyable show, although I am not keen on the animation.

    The plot is hardly new. It follows a girl named Lucy and a boy named Natsu who are both powerful wizards with a magical organisation as they undertake various mission. Despite this lack of originality the show is very good. The characters are funny yet not stupidly so and there are some nice action sequences as well. I have to say I would like a few more of these and a bit less of the comedy, but it still works. The voice actors are very good and do a great job of bringing the characters to life. There is also an excellent soundtrack throughout.

    In fact just about the only thing I don't like is the slightly 'cutesy' animation but I am willing to ignore that as the rest of the show is so good.

    All in all this is a good show but there are a few things I would change, still it is well worth your time.
  • Next Top Anime!

    This show has all of the qualities of greatness... Great characters, interesting plot, well done animation, and amazing music! This anime will keep you entertained to say in the least! I'd say that this may be the next top anime! Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach better watch out... Because Fairy Tail is coming to play!

    I'm not sure if the protagonist is Lucy or Natsu... But either way it works! The plot is simple and even though it's been done a lot... It's a simple Good Vs. Evil with a lot of action scenes. Although there are some really well done emotional scenes, mainly revolving around Erza, Lucy, and sometimes Gray. Natsu mainly gets the best fight scenes. I would highly recommend this anime!
  • 5 reasons why you should watch Fairy Tail.

    1) The anime doesn't rely solely on the manga
    The anime produces, on a weekly basis, original material that fits effortlessly around the panels in the manga, giving us the unexpected and, more importantly, evolution of the story and its characters. We are still given an accurate interpretation of the manga, it gives us what we crave, epic expansion of what we already know plus a more believable, complete story. No filler arcs needed here.

    2) Natsu
    Natsu rivals Naruto in almost every way. Natsu Dragneel can use Fire Dragon Slayer magic, a destructive, very powerful ancient magic that he learnt directly from the Fire Dragon, Igneel. His personality is carefree and simple, he has an enthusiasm for everything that is infectious. He never gives up, always pushes himself, and is devoted to his friends. He is the most powerful of the Dragon Slayers.

    3) The storyline
    Based around Fairy Tail, a guild for mages, we follow their story as they face any challenge and adversity. Each member of Fairy Tail will do whatever they can to protect what they cherish the most; their friends. A truly noble goal.

    4) The fight scenes are AWESOME.
    The fights are excellently choreographed. The animation is ridiculously smooth. The detail is, quite simply, intense. When I see a fight, I wanna see stuff get blown up and destroyed. This show delivers on every level. If you love anime, and you want to see OTT fights, watch Fairy Tail. Naruto should take note here; Fairy Tail is unrivalled in its battles.

    5)The mythology
    Seven years ago, all of the Dragons disappeared, for reasons unknown, abandoning Natsu and his fellow Dragon Slayers. Why? What is the relationship between Zeref, the Black Mage, and the Dragons? Is he the reason why they left? Is Zeref a Dragon Slayer…? How powerful is Natsu, really? Is he the most powerful mage of all time? There are just SO many questions……
  • Funny, exciting and an excellent soundtrack... what's not to like?

    While I'm not as big a fan as anime as some, I was part of the group of kids that watched the genre a couple of years ago during its height in popularity here in the western world and I recently stumbled onto this show while surfing and I immediately proceeded to binge watch the entire thing. The show offers a refreshing change from the usual, multiple episode arc of one character fighting another that was set as a staple for anime shows since DragonballZ years ago while still keeping that excitement and ,for lack of a better word, coolness of the aforementioned and the like. One of the main attractions to the show is it's fresh and original approach to comedy and while it does have it's faults (such as a slight excess of fanservice) I haven't felt such a connection to a show since I first started watching the genre and if you do choose to give it a chance and are yearning for a show that not only entertains but does so by putting a smile on your face, you won't be disappointed.
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