Fairy Tail

Monday 7:30 AM on TV Tokyo Premiered Oct 12, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Funny, exciting and an excellent soundtrack... what's not to like?

    While I'm not as big a fan as anime as some, I was part of the group of kids that watched the genre a couple of years ago during its height in popularity here in the western world and I recently stumbled onto this show while surfing and I immediately proceeded to binge watch the entire thing. The show offers a refreshing change from the usual, multiple episode arc of one character fighting another that was set as a staple for anime shows since DragonballZ years ago while still keeping that excitement and ,for lack of a better word, coolness of the aforementioned and the like. One of the main attractions to the show is it's fresh and original approach to comedy and while it does have it's faults (such as a slight excess of fanservice) I haven't felt such a connection to a show since I first started watching the genre and if you do choose to give it a chance and are yearning for a show that not only entertains but does so by putting a smile on your face, you won't be disappointed.
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