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Monday 7:30 AM on TV Tokyo Premiered Oct 12, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • 5 reasons why you should watch Fairy Tail.

    1) The anime doesn't rely solely on the manga
    The anime produces, on a weekly basis, original material that fits effortlessly around the panels in the manga, giving us the unexpected and, more importantly, evolution of the story and its characters. We are still given an accurate interpretation of the manga, it gives us what we crave, epic expansion of what we already know plus a more believable, complete story. No filler arcs needed here.

    2) Natsu
    Natsu rivals Naruto in almost every way. Natsu Dragneel can use Fire Dragon Slayer magic, a destructive, very powerful ancient magic that he learnt directly from the Fire Dragon, Igneel. His personality is carefree and simple, he has an enthusiasm for everything that is infectious. He never gives up, always pushes himself, and is devoted to his friends. He is the most powerful of the Dragon Slayers.

    3) The storyline
    Based around Fairy Tail, a guild for mages, we follow their story as they face any challenge and adversity. Each member of Fairy Tail will do whatever they can to protect what they cherish the most; their friends. A truly noble goal.

    4) The fight scenes are AWESOME.
    The fights are excellently choreographed. The animation is ridiculously smooth. The detail is, quite simply, intense. When I see a fight, I wanna see stuff get blown up and destroyed. This show delivers on every level. If you love anime, and you want to see OTT fights, watch Fairy Tail. Naruto should take note here; Fairy Tail is unrivalled in its battles.

    5)The mythology
    Seven years ago, all of the Dragons disappeared, for reasons unknown, abandoning Natsu and his fellow Dragon Slayers. Why? What is the relationship between Zeref, the Black Mage, and the Dragons? Is he the reason why they left? Is Zeref a Dragon Slayer…? How powerful is Natsu, really? Is he the most powerful mage of all time? There are just SO many questions……
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