Fairy Tail

Season 2 Episode 66

The Power of Memories!

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Feb 14, 2011 on TV Tokyo
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The final showdown has begun! With the Allies each struggling towards their goals, Natsu's epic battle with Zero comes to a halt as he comes face to face with Jellal. How will Natsu react to the man responsible for causing Erza so much pain?
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  • Not that great.

    Honestly I'm not too sure. Maybe my expectations were too high. At any length I've waited this long to comment because, well, I just don't know. The episode wasn't bad, it just wasn't great either. Such a shame. I've since watched it a few times to settle my mind. The conclusion: I actually prefered the previous episode!

    The episode was good. Don't get me wrong. I admired and respected the Allies as they each fought to do their bit for the team. That came across and I was geniunely moved by it. Fairy Tail continues to deliver with this type of scene. Sometimes it came across a little slow but that can't be helped. What let the side down, in my opinion, was Natsu's clash with Zero.

    Lets get down to it: there wasn't enough fighting. In my mind the final showdown between the hero (Natsu) and the big bad (Zero) should be an epic affair. I wanna see a massive battle that lasts the whole episode and that destroys everything around them. I want the fight to be smooth, detailed and original. Well choreographed. Unfortuantly I didn't get that. I also didn't get any expansion from the manga. What I read is what I saw.

    The anime's interpretation of Dragon Force was also a let down. I simply wasn't bowled over by it, something which I was when I first read about it in chapter 160. It came across as just another powerup. There was nothing unique shown that defined it's power. Nothing that made it special, awesome, something to be reckoned with. The only visable signs, other than the occasional yellow glow were Natsu's 'almost' dragon scales. I'd pictured them being red lol, not flesh coloured. *Sighs* and that was what I was looking forward to the most...

    I keep thinking back to Natsu's final fight with Gajeel during the Phantom arc. That's my standard bearer. That was, in my mind, how the 'final battle in the arc' should be presented. How it should look. Why couldn't this fight be like that?

    All in all the whole affair was OK. But just OK. Sorry guys :-(moreless

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