Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 32

The Spirit King

Aired Monday 7:30 AM May 31, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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In order to protect his friends, Loke breaks the law of the Spirit World and as a result he is forbidden to return to the Spirit World. On top of this, his life-force is slowly slipping away. With this secret revealed to Lucy, Loke says that in order to repent for his sins he wishes to vanish from this world. However, Lucy feels that such a fate should not be given to someone who wanted to protect his friends and she feels that he was wrongly punished. Will the Spirit World be convinced by Lucy?moreless
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      • lucy: Its not okay I cant just sit here while my friend disappears right before my eyes OPEN GATE OF THE LION what ever it takes i'm going to save you Loki ill open your gate I wont give up I promise i'm going to get you to the celestial world open gate of the lion open I wont stop till the gates open I wont let you die what's the point of having magic power if you cant use it to save the people you care about.

        loki: don't do this please don't make me live with the guilt of killing you too. I'm not looking for forgiveness!...I wanna disappear and finally be free from this guilt!
        lucy: you didn't kill her who ever decided you were responsible needs to know that they were wrong I WONT LET YOU! you disappearing isn't gonna bring Karin back to life all its gonna do is create more sadness YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! because it cant be a crime to protect the people you care about what about all of you're friends your just gonna leave them if you were to die you'd leave me and Aries and everyone else here behind think about us and how miserable we would be.

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