Fairy Tail

Season 1 Episode 27

The Two Dragon Slayers

Aired Monday 7:30 AM Apr 26, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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Natsu and Gajeel face off in a battle to determine who is the stronger Dragon Slayer. During their battle Natsu is pushed to the limit against aa foe who is far stronger than he anticipated. Can Natsu's flames burn through Gajeel and his indestructible iron scales?

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  • In the battle of the season, it's Natsu the Fire Dragon Slayer vs. Gajeel the Iron Dragon Slayer.

    That was another very strong episode. I'm beginning to suspect this series of being almost perfect in every way.

    There was a great sense of anticipation and expectation for this fight. We haven't truly seen what a Dragon Slayer is capable of yet. What would the outcome be if the Fire Dragon Slayer fought the Iron Dragon Slayer? I have been asking myself that question ever since Gajeel appeared and I was not disappointed with the answer. Not one bit.

    So it is with great relief that I can say that this episode delivered some of the best story developments and action sequences I have ever seen. It was an all out brawl. Both Natsu and Gajeel constantly tested each others limits as equals. There was great banter between them both, as they taunted and goaded each other. Both upping their game for the other, desperate to prove their skills are better. True rivals in every sense of the word.

    The fights were awesome to watch, looked really good, and sounded awesome too. I was very satisfied to see that the room where they fought was torn to pieces, as everything around them was laid to waste in a testament to their Dragons Battle. The similarities between both him and his foe were evident. They both never back down, never give up. At one point both Dragons took to the sky, with the immediate area devastated, to continue their fight, with onlookers below watching in shock and awe. Phantom were genuinely surprised at how Natsu was able to keep up with Gajeel, as if no one has ever provided him with a worthy battle. This accolade in itself proved how strong Natsu truly is.

    We also learnt a lot. They both eat their element to regain their strength. Their array of moves are similar, and are equally spectacular to watch. Gajeel can change his body into iron at will, the coolest of which was when he changed his arm into a massive iron chainsaw. They can both use Dragon's Roar, but to differing effects; Gajeel's breathe of iron blades able to tear anything to shreds, Natsu's flames of the Fire Dragon able to destroy anything. Gajeel can cover his body in iron scales, doubling both his offensive and defensive power, however we saw that Natsu cannot use his dragon scales yet, thus showing him a new power to come. Fire Dragon scales anyone?

    The episode moved with lightning speed, and was balanced with comedy and information. Happy provided much needed Intel on what we were seeing. Natsu did not lose any of his humour during the fight, providing moments of light relief together with Lucy and the Phantom crew, their remarks making me smile on several occasions.

    Eventually Natsu is beaten down, and sees his guild collapsing in the distance, Gajeel laughing hysterically. Overly long flashbacks are used to show that the guild is his, and everyone's, home. Natsu remembers Lisannas last words to him, "You do your best to protect Fairy Tail, ok?" He had failed. The guild, his home, their home, had been destroyed before his eyes. He had not been able to keep his promise to her.

    The ending is full of suspense. With her words echoing in his ears, Natsu pulls himself back up, his eyes glowing red with fury. He waves away Gajeel's Iron Dragon breathe with his hands as if it were nothing. Natsu is ready to make his final stand against his rival.

    Overall, 10 fire making arrows out of 10, Moshimoshi. It's been an absolute pleasure. SKmoreless

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